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Karl Snarl

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Sep 20, 2019
Chunky Monkey Mole Hole
It has a ceramic lined cylinder which has superior heat dissipation properties, not unlike the ceramic panels that were used on the space shuttle for re-entry into the atmosphere...I never took the motor apart to begin with since bicycle-engines.com puts a six month warranty on the entire motor kit to begin with...I figured if anything went wrong, they get to replace it...lol...They did replace a couple of minor items that i didnt think were just right without any problem whatsoever...I also only use their phone to make orders with them as well...Phone number is...(406) 586-5970).

Mine was powerful and fast right out of the box as im sure you have read about here on the forums already...DAMIEN
Thanks I'll consider the Zeda 80. How are the cylinder ports and sleeve of the zeda 80? I was originally planning on getting a bgf bottom end and cylinder. The bgf steel sleeve's are nice. They're bigger, cleaner still could use minor clean up though. And I don't have to worry about the sleeve chipping.

Do I really gotta worry about the thin plating chipping on other cylinders or was that just one bad experience?
You know @DAMIEN1307 stole that picture of that guy and bike off ebay, right? I seen the exact same ad!!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:;););)jk


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Jul 5, 2021
Ok so I agreed to build a daily driver bike for a friend who has a truck and he wants to save money on gas since he lives 10 mins from work.

Would you advise me to build a 2 stroke or 4 stroke? I've built a 2 stroke already and gained a lot of knowledge. I'd think a 4 stroke could be best but I never built one and I don't know how well they keep up with traffic.
Your building for someone? Stick with what you know. I ride a Skyhawk daily, not pushing over 36-8? Depending on wind lol but it's made believers in this small MT town, and there's been countless of others over the past 10-15 yes trying to do a daily rider here, but none have been able to keep the consistency of a balanced & ported 66er Skyhawk, lol I'm a bad liar so I can't take credit for being a good tinker-arounder lol