Dax titan 4 stroke in frame question

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    I have a townie 21 d that I'm going to be putting the titan 4 stroke on to..I've noticed a tons of pictures with a big crank on the center and then a small crank for the original chain that hooks up to the back gears. Wouldn't it be better to have a bigger crank that goes to the back gears?? Seems like when I pedal right now with the front derailleur on when I have the front gears on the BIGGEST gear and the back gears on the smallest I get the most power...wouldn't that mean the same when the engine is on the bike as well and more speed?? I will say I am new to this so please forgive my ignorance if I don't know anything. I'm just use to riding for leisure and found this site and said why not just ride my bike to work..saves gas, etc but needed to get these questions worked out before I do the whole build, etc. Thanks in advance

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    The gears are designed to match the rpms of the motor to the rpms of the wheel. If you are starting out, just get the normal kit and try it out first, before you start modding the gear ratios.

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    Beleive It Or Not, They Know What They Are Doing. Lol Have Fun Ron
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    The engine can actually pedal with more power and RPM than you can :) So you need the big front ring to push the little rear, but with the power on the engine, that same setup would max out the RPM before getting to speed. Their setup is pretty good, and keeps the engine in the desired RPM band.

    Always good to think though! I can say with my happytime gears, I rarely get above 6th gear on the rear. The titan prob has more power too though!

    The beauty of this site is I can almost promise that somewhere someone has tried any setup you can imagine!