do we have "buying power" yet?



i was thinking about this after a phone call with another member about snagging some bicycle parts from one of his favorite vendors.

a suggestion: when you buy something from your favorite seller, try including a link to MBc and asking if they'd be interested in cross-linking and maybe offering an MBc discount.

can't hurt (i think) & might could help 8)
I wish that dax would have a mb discount. I have no doubt that I will buy my next engine from him, but I'm kind of bummed that I will be spending some time watching ebay to try to get the best price.
I dont know how long you have been around the bikemotor market but 225.00 to your door is about the best your going to get unless you buy a 20' container of motors 8)

Augi I think if we could get some capital together we could pick up a container of unasembled motors and parts and put together a MBc store of our own.....yea I know Hi hopes but it dose sound good :)