Restoring and restarting a 1919 EVANS POWERCYCLE


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Jun 8, 2011
The discovery of this motorcycle.

This story begins very conventionally. An ad in a classifieds website. EVANS 110cc, 1919 to sell. Almost complete. With its administrative documents for use on roads. (This is required here, even for old vehicles) I give a phone call. A woman answered. She tells me she sells all the things collected for years by her husband. (Old telephones, bicycles, cars, etc..). He dies in 2010.

I explain that I am interested in buying one of his motorcycles. We discussed. At the end, I give my name. She laughs. She said :''We have the same name ! My name is the French translation of yours !''. Her name is Ms Le Priol. My name is PRIOLO. My roots are Italian. We become friends. She explains that her husband, Jean LE PRIOL, was a well known cyclist racer. He was born December 8, 1936. He raced the Tour de France in 1963.1964 and 1965. He was in the team MARGNAT - PALOMA - DUNLOP. MARGNAT is a French wine producer. PALOMA is a French motorcycle manufacturer. (I'm not 100% sure of this information. It may be a homonym). He has won many local cycling events. He raced until 1970.

He bought the bike in 1960 in the Ardennes. It never started. She was exposed to decorate a room in his house.

I have a friend who collects convertibles. I told him about a 1938 Rosengart, Ms. LE PRIOL wants to sell.

He went to northern France. It's Only 900 km. This is nothing compared to the distances to cross in some big countries. But it's still quite expensive and it's still a lot of miles to do for us. He bought the car. He brought me the bike at the same time, to thank me for having found the car for him.

Here are photos of Jean LE PRIOL, the motorbike in his garden and the arrival of the motorcycle.


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Good read and a lovely bike, a real piece of history. Evans were originally made in Rochester, NY but many were exported to Europe. They are rare in the US now. The company was sold and moved to Germany. 2 stroke, 90cc, low rpm engine, simplicity itself.

I cannot make it out but does yours have the wooden wheels? Good luck with your project, please keep us informed with updates.
The first inventory - Frame - Wheels - Fender - Saddle

Hello All,

When the motorbike arrive in house for the first time, you take plenty time to look at. And you realise that, under the effect of love, you don't have seen a lot of boring details in front of the seller.

First constatation : all the parts, exept the engine, have been badly repainted. This fact could be normal in a long life. Normally the color is black enamel with gold striping.

The frame looks good. It doesn't have crash signs or hit signs. It seems that the bike does not have been broken in a road accident.

First picture :
The forks have old pump removable fixations screwed.
One front fender fixations is broken.

Second and third picture :
The tank filling part is seriously broken. Fortunately, the missing part is still here.
The tank is full of dirty hard deposit and have a little (fuite ) in the rear part.

Fourth picture :
The rear looks good. The bolts are in good shape.
The brake system works. We call it "retro pedalage" in french. (Retro pedaling ? Coaster brake ?)

Fifth picture :
The rear fender have a, badly done, holding system for the rear stand.
If anybody can give me informations to find the original system, it would be great !

Sixth picture : The belt have three fixing system made by screw that can broke the belt pulleys.

Seventh picture :
The front light is a GERMAN 1930 - 1940 model : BALACO

Last picture :
The rims aren't in maple. They are steel made "RIGIDA" model.

At last, the saddle leather doesn't exist anymore and I'm not sure that the saddle pan is the good size model.

I'm not sure if the the pedals are the right model, too.

These initial observations make me say that this model was probably made in Germany. Despite what is indicated by the papers of identification.

Next post. I'll do the engine examination.

See you.



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Study of the engine of the EVANS

The holidays are over!

Personally, I have not taken any vacation. I worked all summer. But I had time to examine the engine with a friend who is a very good mechanic.

The engine is in very good condition. There are no signs of wear, or excessive fouling.

The drain plug shows a very clean strainer.

Only five hundredths (0.05 cm) clearance between the cylinder and the piston. No need to redo the bore. The piston rings are perfect. Fortunately!

The carburetor float is original and in good condition also.

The generator provides a spark strong and beautiful.

The engine is cleaned. The joints, which are made ​​of paper, are redone. And the engine is reassembled.

Normally, the engine should not be a problem at startup.

In fact, the problem is the tank. It is totally blocked by a kind of hard black substance. As it is partitioned, you will have to open it in two parts, in the middle, clean it and weld it again.

We will talk about this next time.

Have a good day.



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The Troxel Seat

Hello everybody,

One of the parts that I've found this summer.

Normally, the seat provided by the EVANS catalog is the TROXEL ''EASY'' model. I've found the ''STAR'' model, wich seems to be much older than the 1919 year. Perhaps 1010.

But it have a very good look, and until I find a better model, it will be better than the nude seat-pan I have until today.

What do you think about this ?

See you next time.



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Thank you for sharing with photos and narrative your wonderful good fortune. The Evans has found the right home, it seems. I like everything about that motorcycle, the engine, the lines of the frame and gas tank. Nice proportions. I think the seat is perfect and I have been studying the way the frame underneath was put together... interesting and something I may try to emulate. What a fine moment it will be when after very nearly a century the motor will once again come to life and it's proud new owner will ride off into the sunset.... woohoo!
Hello everybody,

Thank you very much for your comment. I'm very touched. As soon as I have news, I'll return here.

I've found a professionnal site of a dealer wha have incredible lightweight to sell.

He have one 1919 EVANS, but not only. There's an 1915 INDIAN with a side engine, a 1914 J.E.S unknow for me, 1923 MAC, etc...

Here's the link :

Have a good day.