Does 6mm bolt=0.25" bolt?

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  1. The 6mm bolts on my engine are too short for the frame. It's nearly impossible to find 6mm bolts at ANY hardware store near me, plenty of 0.25 inch though.

    So the question: Can I use 0.25" bolts to mount the engine instead of 6mm bolts? I don't want to fiddle around with tap and dies I just want to mount the :censored: thing.

  2. Pablo

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    In a word, without tapping: No.

    I'm sure some people have jammed all kinds of **** together, but get correct hardware. I'm sure there is a well stocked hardware store somewhere not so far away or ask here where other folks get their studs.
  3. bamabikeguy

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    You'll find them in Lowes, packed in little plastic bags containing 4 bolts.

    They have drawers of the mm "fine" threads in all three local hardware stores near me.
  4. Esteban

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    I live " in the Sticks, " but my nearest Ace Hardware has a good selection of metric items.
  5. bamabikeguy

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    Folks should know, the holes at the bottom of the forks, are usually 5mm FINE thread.

    I cut the bottom legs off baskets nowadays, and use those two holes to keep the basket independent of the wheel.

    But even the smallest hardware store usually has the same route salesman as the big stores, (similar to the Fritos or Snap-On Tools vans) with all the best selling sizes of everything.
  6. HI,

    Bike shops often have metric pieces....Most stuff there is metric.