electric bicycle in dispute with 9 cop cars.

Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by beast775, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. beast775

    beast775 Guest

  2. I would recommend to anyone to print out the laws for your state (or in this case the federal electric bicycle law), in a similar situation it could possibly avoid such problems. Keep it on your bike or in your wallet. If you can find a document that cites the actual code numbers, that's even better. I assume with the code numbers they could radio in and verify. What surprises me is how many officers were present for what shouldn't have been more than a routine traffic stop.
  3. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    wow, I thought Arizona was MB bike friendly......:confused:
  4. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    There are idiots everywhere.

    Had the guy on the bike had a copy of ARS 28-2516, he could have handed it to the cop, and he would have gone on his way.
  5. fm2200

    fm2200 Member

    Where and when did this happen? Federal law supercede any state laws regarding their use.
  6. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    You should think of yourselves as luck, living in America - at least you still have some rights.

    In Australia, particularly, the state of Victoria, we have no rights anymore.
    The police confiscated a small motorised mini-bike from a 5 year old girl, whilst under the supervision of her parents at a local park.

    The local community was appalled at the ludicrous and mindless behaviour of the police.
    Even after the incident went on talkback radio and callers blasted the police as idiots, the bike remained as confiscated and would not be returned to the little girl.
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  7. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I think that local laws can be added to Fed

    local laws can be added to Fed laws

    but in many cases the courts may throw out local laws added
    preferring to lean towards the Fed laws at many times -- not all times

    we have a close by city -- The City of La Mesa
    that has added a no motorized bicycle local law
    is this legal ?? yes -- but would a judge enforce it ?? not if he's having a good day

    we always hope that the judge is getting along well with his wife
    last night she was truly good to him now he wishes to
    share the good feelings with others....................................

    ride that thing
  8. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    This would have happened about 3 months ago
  9. thuginfc

    thuginfc Member

    **** that its saving the enviroment and helping the man get tochurch since he doesnt have a drivers license leave the man alone let him have fun on his e bike
  10. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    Maybe I need to watch the follow up, part 2. Seems to me, he's baiting them and daring them for a confrontation. He must have strong feelings about the police being on the other side of "protect and serve". Something's off here. 7 cars? Maybe he's got a history with law enforcement we don't know about. Good theater, maybe a reality show pilot? When's the court date?
  11. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    facts are that the guy does have an attitude towards the pooolice
    usually when one is acting such as that
    the pooolice will give you just what you are asking for
    a good beat down

    as they ride that head with a billy club !!
  12. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    No one deserves a beat down, no matter what the attitude. It's just a fact that the cops are out there every day facing all kinds of idiots with attitudes, concealed weapons, domestic disputes, drunks, desperate, physically hurt and angry people. They risk life and limb every time they answer a call. This guy pulls out his camera and starts talking trash. It puts the constabulary on alert. They don't know what to expect from this guy. We had a guy in Webster Groves, MO who felt persecuted by the local police (was always verbal about it) and he showed up at a council meeting one night and killed a few cops and other city officials. Not saying it doesn't happen, as some cops can get heavy handed when they shouldn't. Mutual respect...well that's what I'm talking about. Yes, most times karma plays out with what you give is usually what you get.
  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    no one deserves a beat down by the pooolice this I agree
    we have a family member who was beaten by them for no reason
    much damage was done by those sick ones
    have also worked around cops who loved to beat people
    bottom line don't give them any extra reason
    such as it appears the guy here is doing ??
    seems he may just be a fool looking for trouble ??

  14. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    There are no US Federal Laws pertaining to RIDING of electric bicycles ONLY laws manufactures must adhere too for the mass production of them. ie. Any companies manufacturing electric bicycles MUST adhere to 750watt MAXIMUM motor output the e-bikes must not be able to exceeed 20mph. State laws must be adhered too in regards to the USE of e-bikes on public motorways. Any laws regarding e-bike production in individual states is superseeded by federal law.