eZip Trailz Restoration Help

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by Jozer99, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Jozer99

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    I bought a beat up eZip Trailz bike with the hope of getting a basic electric bike to commute back and forth to work in nice weather (7 mile round trip). The old owner, of questionable intelligence, had disassembled some of the electrical components. I believe I got everything hooked back together.

    The motor and torque center wires had been cut, I re-soldered them together with proper heat shrink tubing, hopefully good as new.

    When I tried out the bike, this is what happened:

    1. Flipped power switch (behind rear reflector)
    2. Motor suddenly spins back wheel with quite a bit of force, red and orange lights on the battery meter blink on and off once.
    3. Motor stops spinning, lights go out.
    4. Pressing the TAG/PAZ button and twisting the throttle do nothing to bring the bike back to life.

    Any advice? Did I put something together wrong? Is some component dead? I can provide pictures if that helps in troubleshooting, let me know what to photograph.

  2. joel lynch

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    seems to me the sending unit for the throttle is bad and the motor is kicking of from to much juice dumping in, trick is use a dimmer switch to test the connection, remove wires from the throttle and hook them to dimmer then turn it on and slowly rotate switch, if the throttle is bad everything should work this way if the throttle is good it will do the same thing it did before
    ride hard and keep the rubber side down
  3. DrkAngel

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    Power leds no longer light?

    Check battery voltage at contacts.
    Pack fuse blown.
    TNCscooters.com sells compatible controller (lose PAS function).
    Probably the malfunctioning component.