Fenders/mudguards (for those in wet climates)

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    I have always found it hard to find parts that fit good with little or no modification. Fenders have been an issue. I have steel fatties, but I dislike them they are too rigid. I prefer plastic. I believe they look sportier and if you get the right set the can easily be removable. I have found local bike shops very limited on plastic fenders that fit a true 26x2.125. The internet is a problem because half the time they don't provide enough measurements. I have found a set that fits flawlessly and they are removable in 3 seconds. I encourage anyone else that has found fenders/mudguards that fit specific models to show the rest of us. Furthermore, place of purchase and brand name would be helpful to all. Such as, the SKS Beavertail fenders come in 68mm an 80 mm widths. Perfect for 2.125" wheels and possibly up to 3" with the 80mm. I found them at a bike shop in Portland, Oregon that ships from to separate locations nationally (your choice). The use flat rate shipping on most items also.
    These fenders fit perfectly and have nice beefy mounts. The fenders remove by just sliding off.

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    Im a Jackalope

    Forgot to mention the site address, duh. It is
    PS they have a great selection and good prices.
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    I bought a similar fender online (non SKS Beaver tail) for $13 (shipping included) also made of ABS plastic which can be easily trimmed to fit a friction mount kit. I trimmed the rear fender right before the drive roller. Mine was designed to be removable but I have ridden them on full-time with no problems. The front is rather flimsy looking but has taken speeds up to 30 MPH without flexing. Works great. No more splash backs in the rain.