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    finally joined Hey there guys it Jeremy from Montana I finally joined up so I can talk and share news with people.For those of you who don't know who I am I am the bike guy from alot of you know me and alot don't so let me introduce myself I have been riding these bikes now for around 5 years now and ride them on a daily basis I started with a 2 stroke and I still have it with thousands of miles on it and I am now riding my 4 stroke bike and lovin it its sweet! had a few problems but nothing big so anyways I'm here to help and keep people posted I guess so yea .... you can always call me to I love to hear stories and to help out if you need a part I have it !

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    hey Jeremy, welcome aboard
    I'm sure you will like it here, and I also believe that you will be well able to contribute to the wealth of knowledge that is already here.
    good luck and happy motoring
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    Welcome aboard.

    Just noticed your web page with exploded view of HT 2 stroke, great stuff !

    Question, cos it always bugged me about that spring.
    On the clutch assembly, part No 17 ( Clutch Spring) can be seen when you unscrew the clutch cable guide. Is it nessecary to screw in a grease nip and fill that part of the casing with grease to lube that rotating clutch spring ?

    All the best

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    No I wouldn't worry about greasing up that spring it should be fine I'm sure you could for good measure but I have never had to And my 49cc still runs like a champ after 5 years of hard labor although shes probably due up for a new top end here in the near future maybe this winter.
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    G'day Jeremy & welcome to MBc.
  6. Welcome Jeremy, godd to have you here.....