First Build, 80cc Beach Cruiser

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  1. kcpoloman

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    Whats up everyone? Finally got around and took some pics of my bike. I built it in Dec. I try to get out on it whenever the weathers good. Sun was out today and decided it was time to take some pics. Its a 80cc beach cruiser. I chopped the handlebars down for a lower riding position. Sorry the pics aint great, all I got is the camera on my motorola sliver. Let me know what you think!:cool:

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  2. The Freebooter

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    Thats one good looking bike you have there. I bet lots of hard work and effort went into it. When I built my bike I had alot of trouble fitting mud gaurds, did your gaurds come with the bike or did you fit them yourself? Also is the bike comfortable to ride with that lowered riding position? Great bike, well done.
  3. redpiper777

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    SWWEEETTT ride man ! I really need to know where you got those handlebars...I have been looking all over for a set just like them and cant seem to find any. I see that you say you cut them down but please let me know where you bought them if they didnt come with the bike...Anyway, great looking bike you should be proud ...I love that look...I'm hoping to have mine all together in the next couple weeks and will tear it down in the spring for the paint job...
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  4. kcpoloman

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    The guards came with the bike. They went on fairly easy, I just had to cut the back one to give a little clearance for the chain on the motor.
  5. kcpoloman

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    The handle bars were just the standard beach cruiser handle bars that came with the bike. I just cut them down about 8 to 10 inches.
  6. RickyH

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    That is one nice looking bike!!! I'm sure you're proud of it and you should be. I noticed the seat looked real padded and comfortable, did you buy that seperate. That's what I need for my tale bone......
  7. kcpoloman

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    The seat came with the bike. The bike is a Micargi Rover GX. The seat is nice and wide and padded really well. I really couldnt have asked for a better seat.