first build,what tools are needed

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  1. macattie88

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    im going to begin my first build soon and i want to know what tools i will need to complete the build?,thanks for any info.

  2. Looks like you got your answer on the flipside!?
  3. macattie88

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    yep...very helpful
  4. David Bogle

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    I wanted every tool and now have most. My drillpress, I found on Craigslist, it was in a pollbarn rusted and seized up, I examined it and then pointed out all of its issues, my offer of $60. Was accepted, with only needing to buy a jar of rust remover, steel wool and a wire wheel that fit on my corded drill, and watching several YouTube videos on how to tear down, restore and rebuild, I now use the wire wheel on my drillpress often to clean steel and welds from my Harbor freight mig welder,I also use my bench grinder quite frequently and of course a dremel with carbide bits and cutting wheel
    Vises and 4 1/2" angle grinders are indispensable, with cutting wheel, various flap disc sanding discs and a 1/4" wheel, tap and die set is nice, as well as good quality drill bits a must.
    I've done fine with $7.50 socket sets from Family dollar and free screw driver sets from harbor freight, I buy steel from a local company in all shapes and sizes.
    These are just my preference, I like the full hands on approach, I enjoy the freedom to fabricate, design and modify, I build custom, try new things and attempt things I haven't seen done and take great pride in doing so( especially when it works!!!) When things don't work out it is rewarding to feel your mind instantly switch over to the "how do I do this differently to make it work" mode. Motorized bicycle building is addictive, sometimes pricey but doesn't always have to be.
    The main thing you need is to enjoy the benefits of your labor.
  5. KCvale

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    The main tools you need is a good set of metric combination wrenches and sockets.

    We are kindred spirits David ;-}
    I invested in tools as well and have what I need.

    This is how my 'metal shop' sits this morning..

    2.5 Ton press, bench grinder/wire wheel, sheet metal bender, 2 size drill presses, vice, and various electric tools like angle grinder, drills, etc, and base mount rotary tool, and of course hand tools like snips and benders.

    If you can't find a part that works, make one ;-}
  6. Steve Best

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    Nice looking work comes out of that shop, but I gotta ask, what does the Spider Plant do?

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    I was wondering same thing. Figured it kept all cobwebs out of the way;):D
  8. bakaneko

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    At the most basic level, you will need a crescent wrench, a drill (for throttle), a flat head screwdriver for chain tensioner and to push the locking pin on the chain, and a chain cutting tool for a 415 chain. For the chain cutting tool, Ace Hardware usually has one that works (they sell chains not 415) and can do it for you for free or a small fee.

    At a much better level, you would want a set of sockets so that you don't accidentally strip the bolt nuts. Ideally, you also want a torque wrench for the head nuts to keep them at the proper tension.

    I think you can get a bike together with basic garage tools with the exception of the chain cutter and drill. Both of which you can get help with and hopefully not need to buy one.
  9. David Bogle

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    My room is so full that I'm in the process of taking over the basement t
    I also like to have my soldering iron, flux and solder, every time I have a brake cable or clutch cable, I flux and solder the ends a couple inches so that when I cut them or not they never fray or unwind, the iron is also helpful for wiring and lights, shrink tubing and a heat gun are a bonus as well as a multi meter to test continuity and voltage.
  10. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I have trained her to hold parts in place for me hehehe ;-}

    'Spidy" and I have been together a very long time and she has bore many children, she is usually in the main shop but she wasn't real happy in front of the sliding glass door in the afternoon with 115F temps so I put her by the N facing window in the metal shop room ;-}

    As for room, I HAD all the room I could use, ~ 1000sf of this 1800sf house, 3 rooms once we got our son out and it was just my wife and I.
    Go figure my wife's sister moved in, has no intentions of moving out any time soon and screwed up all my plans for a shipping/receiving/part storage room.


    I had it setup soo nice, and then she moves in and just dumps all her sh*t all over my bench and the middle of the floor obstructing all the parts along the walls.

    A basement would be a good place for your metal shop, but I don't think you would enjoy taking bikes in and out of it.
  11. David Bogle

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    I have a cellar stairway that gos directly outside, I just need to build a suitable hatch to use it, designed it, just need to build it.