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  1. chicky12

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    Hello all I live in pacific beach Ca and i just built my first motorized bike. put it together in my second story apartment living room. Its a 48cc grubee skyhawk and ive put about 200mi on it so far. Still feels like I get more power every time i ride. I ride about 17mi round trip to work every day. Savin about 100 bucks a month on gas. only thing left to do is get an expansion chamber. Happy Times. good ridin everybody.

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  2. GearNut

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    Welcome to the forum!
    I'm a bit east of you, in the ElCajon valley.
    Be careful that the chain rubbing on your "greywall" tire does not wear through it.
    Nice bike BTW!
  3. chicky12

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    thanks, greywall i like it im not much of a fan of cleaning. im thinking about goin with a slimmer tire. do you get noticed by the fuzz much out there? they havent bugged me yet. I was thinking about putting a SBP expansion chamber on it do you know anything about them??
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    I like. good job. is there alot of people where u live that have MB's
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    The Cops around here will harass you if you don't wear a DOT helmet and have the Cali. MB plate. A few are impound happy, so be carefull.
    LaMesa has banned MB's all together, so steer clear of there.
    Years ago a friend if mine got away with it because he removed the engine's drive chain and his engine was cold to the touch by the time a LaMesa cop tagged him. Lights, sirens, yelling at him to pull over through the PA system, the whole enchalada. The cop gave him a stern lecture and a warning but had to let him go because my friend's bike was inoperable as an MB.
    The popo are getting keen about the laws around here.
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    nice bike, welcome to the site.