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    Hi all,

    Got my GEBE kit in yesterday and popped it on my bike... Schwinn Clear Creek from Target. I had to remove the rear rack (of course) and the folding baskets that I had added, but the kit went on in about 45 minutes and I was riding last night. The drive ring fit with a whisker's clearance. But clearance is clearance... right??!!!

    SWEEEEEEET! :grin:

    This morning I got my "hog" out :cool:, topped off the tank and rode it to work 8 miles one way. I was a little concerned that it might take me thirty minutes or more to get here... but I got here in twenty... the same amount of time it takes me by car! YES!

    It takes the hills here in southern New Hampshire just fine... though I have one steep one going back that will likely require my assistance.

    I got the 32cc Tanaka 2-Stroke. It starts easily while sitting on or even riding the bike. I just reach around and pull the cord. I added a Cloud-9 seat and mounted a bracket off the engine to support a blinking (or solid-on) tail light. I also added a small headlight and rear-view mirror.

    To Do List:

    The kick stand doesn't cut it. It didn't work very well before I added the engine... now it won't hold the bike up at all. New kick stand soon!

    I want those folding baskets back. Those things are sweet! Have to figure a good way to mount them on the motor brackets.

    I have new fenders but have not yet put them on. Likely four more holes to drill and tap in the motor mount brackets.

    I don't have the belt cover on. But I need something. Frankly... I think the cover they added to the kit could use something in the "style" department. I work where we thermoform plastic... I may design one and make it out of clear lexan or something. I'd like to be able to see the belt pulley. No rush.

    And lastly the motor mount brackets themselves. I want to mount them so that I don't have them to worry with when I remove the tire for service. Others have re-mounted theirs... I'll be doing the same.

    Is it time to go home yet!!!!???

    It was a fun ride in to work. I'm a big guy (260lbs) and it got me here just fine. It was a brisk 60 degrees F this morning and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Much cooler than that and I'd have been a popsicle. Still... I loved it!

    As far as I know, I'm the only one in the area that has converted his bike into a Moped. I have to get it registered on the return trip... a whopping $3! :shock: Oh my! Gonna print up some cards to hand out for those that want more information. I know the questions are comming.

    I'll upload pictures soon.

    Happy Trails!!!


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    Nice. There are a few others in NH who have registered as mopeds. However everybody who speaks to the DMV gets a different story and different requirements for their bikes. I had to give them my serial number and specs of the bike, $3. Another dude had to get a vin assigned, $32. And another member was told as long as it still pedals and operates as a bicycle all you have to do is follow bicycle laws. Check out the laws and regulations forum on NH, it seems our registry and cops have no idea what the legal status of these machines are. This is good news and bad. I rode a stingray XL chopper for about 3 years in my hick town without anything other than waves and smiles from the local PD. I just registered my new MB because I wanted to take it wherever and didn't want the possibility of a jerk cop harassing me because he had no real crime to prevent.
    Glad to hear theres yet another NewHampshirite on a motored bike. We're gonna all have to start a rally soon :) Eat your heart out laconia!
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    Was hoping I'd hear from you SirJakesus,

    I'll call the local somersworth registration office and see what they say. The government always wants more money... they'll figure out how to get it somehow. :-/ I swear I think they make some of this stuff up on the spot.

    I'll post back to let you know how it goes.

    I look forward to getting together on our "hogs"! Ha!

  4. augidog

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    dang, that was fun to read :)

    i'd sure like to have a gander at your belt-cover when you give it a try...are you considering providing easier access to gear-changes? that would be a sweet innovation to an already sweet setup :cool:
  5. rossfree

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    Hi Augi,

    Thanks for the comments. I haven't ridden enough yet to know if I even need easy access to changing drive gears. Is that something people are doing? Seems easy enough to get to even with the original cover.

    I don't know when I'll get around to a new cover but I'll let you know when I do.

    Happy trails!

  6. augidog

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    i don't mind just running with the cover off, but i'd surely recommend the cover for daily-commuters.

    no, removing and replacing the cover when changing the drive-gear is not really a hassle for anyone who's done it a couple times. since i'm developing my racer, tho, i can find myself swappin' them out a dozen times a day, so i just had to ask about such a cool idea :)
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    Lovin the "hog".

    Have riden it every day since last week... closing in on my first 100 miles. Put a 20 mile stent on it Sunday. Still smilin'! The GEBE kit is robust. Nothing skimpy... feels like part of the bike frame. Got the 'bike-ometer' on there... will know how fast I go on the way home today. Still no pics... sorry. I will soon.

    Still haven't ordered the kick-stand. That's a real annoyance and I will order it today!

    I'm a bit paranoid about the engine noise. During the day I have no problem but I leave for work at 5:00am and riding through neighborhoods with the 'hog' may be annoying some. People like their windows open at night in New Hampshire because the temps drop into the 50's.


    :oops: I hope nobody starts throwing rocks!

    I tend to ride the center line when I can... to give the greatest distance to houses. I know my perspective is exagerrated being two feet from the engine muffler but still I wish it could be quieter.

    I still don't have it registered. I haven't been bothered by the police but neither have I passed one that noticed either. I found out that I can't go to the town hall to register it... I have to go to the DMV which is somewhat farther than I care to ride without a gas-guzzler. Probably go soon.

    I'm enjoying the Schwinn Clear Creek bike. Very robust and stylish.

    Pics soon.

    Happy trails!

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    i wouldnt worry too much about the noise as you are there and then gone pretty quick.
    I feel like i'm loud too but if I let someone else take a ride Im amazed with how quiet it really is.
  9. rossfree

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    Bike pics....

    Broke my first spoke. :-/

    135 miles or thereabouts and now I'm looking at beefing up the wheel. It's not a surprise but I had hoped I'd get more miles in first. I'm a big guy... 260lbs or so and I'm traversing hills and a few pot-holes. These wheels are giving their all!

    I'll contact GEBE and see what the lead time is for a new 12 gage wheel. Meanwhile I'll look for 12 gage spokes. Any good places to order from?

    Finally got some pics of the bike...

    Happy Trails!


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  10. rossfree

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    I just ordered 40 stainless 12 gauge spokes from $47 shipped to my house. I'll leave the 14 gauge front spokes alone for now.

    Note: You won't likely find 12 gauge spokes on their website. Just call. The guy was very curteous and responsive.

  11. augidog

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    looks like one smooth ride, ross'...nice work on that front-strap :cool:

    sturdy wheels are everything, no matter the style of drive. at a minimum, even the cheapest of "105G" steel wheels will last a good long time.
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    Hi Ross -- Welcome -- some cards made up to hand out -- that's a good idea -- so many enjoy seeing our MBs and wish to know more -- two of my friends are already looking into -- possibly joining IN THE FUN RIDE.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  13. rossfree

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    Thanks for the compliments augidog and mountainman,

    It's wierd not riding... spokes should be here by Monday. Took a few minutes longer to get to work today by CAR! Ha!

    The Schwinn bike has alloy wheels. Augidog... are you saying they will not be strong enough with the 12 gauge spokes? You mention steel wheels.

  14. Zev0

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    Dang, you REALLY got to talk to someone there? When I ordered my wheel, I sent emails, called every day for like 10 days. NEVER got an answer to emails or calls. But about 10 days later the wheel showed up.
  15. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Where did the spoke break?
    Was it where it meets the drive ring or ?

    Nice pics, great looking bike
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    I like the price on those.

    When my spokes come in I'll be threading a wheel for the first time. Wish me luck... I'm following a youtube video. :cool:

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    Sorry Forbisher,

    I meant to answer your question. The spokes broke right where they enter the nuts. Probably at the first thread on the spoke.

  19. rossfree

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    I ordered spokes 12 days ago from Was told they would get mailed the next day. I still don't have them. I've placed and received orders from two other companies for other non-related stuff in the same time frame. I'll call today but I am dissappointed. I need my bike back. It's my wheels to work.


  20. rossfree

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    Just an update...

    I called and spent some time trying to track down whether they actually shipped my spokes to me. They could find no paperwork to say they had so they've re-shipped my spokes to me UPS ground. Likely another few days wait.

    They have been friendly enough though I'm not to happy with my first experience with them.

    One month waiting for my bike engine kit. Two weeks riding. Three weeks in dis-repair. **bother** The summer wanes away.