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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by martinjohnson, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. martinjohnson

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    Hey team, so I decided to shoot for the moon and throw a morini engine on my bike. The reason being that in my city, the speed limits are regularly 50 mph on surface roads and my commutes get pretty long, so to get anywhere really, I need to hit 50. I'm using the S6-S. That out of the way, this is the first time I'm dealing with a non-kit build. So any advice or tips would be welcome and appreciated. I'll be posting pictures of the frame shortly and the fabrications as they happen. Peace.

  2. tone2crazy

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    im not familiar with the morini, are they anything like the polini's?

    edit: just looked 'em up. pretty sick motors. make sure the rest of the bike is really solid. 50mph sounds scary on a bike.
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  3. MikeJ

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    Hi Martin -

    Welcome to this group; there is much to be learned from all the correspondence written here.

    A Morini engine on a bike frame and doing 50 mph is pretty aggressive. A very few other builders have done this; and only very few for several good reasons. A general consensus is that a bicycle frame that was never designed for 50 mph should be considered carefully. Also, very few states allow unlicensed motorized vehicles to travel faster than 20 mph before being noticed by law enforcement. Above that, some states insist they be equipped, licensed, and insured as if they were commercially produced motorcycles. Some states simply do not recognized them as legal vehicles.

    Please do a LOT of reading before sinking too much money into a 50 mph machine. We all hang around here for information exchange and have a good time. There are usually multiple experts to answer whatever question you will have. Ask freely!

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    Welcome to the group martinj.
    I hear the Morini S6-S is a awesome motor.
    Agreeing with tone2, and MikeJ Have you ever been on a bicycle going 50 MPH? thats scary fast not to mention brakes.
    I think you may need to buy a small motorcycle for constant speeds of 50 mph. I fear i'll be reading about you in the Newspaper Obituaries in the near future. Trying to keep up with that amount of traffic upon a bicycle on a daily basis...
    even a good quality bicycle will eventually get the best of you. Whatever you decide... i'll be reading about your build.
    Once again, welcome.
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  5. Happy Valley

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    Maybe for shows or racing on a closed track or private land if that's your thing. For use on the street, it's far outside the parameters on several levels for how motorized bicycles are defined. Sounds like you have need for a motorcycle.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Welcome, Martin,

    Long commutes? If the speed limit is 50 mph, acceptable and expected speeds are 55 mph. Cops here won't chase after us when going 5 mph over.

    That said, I also agree that a motorcycle or a 150-250cc scooter would work better and safer for you.

    Good luck on your build. If it was five miles each way, I'd say go for it.