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    Hello Mates,

    Recently I spoke to a friend of mine who happens to be a regular car mechanic. He complained about loads of fuel he has that is generally useless. He told me that quite often a customer comes and says: "I mixed petrol with diesel can u remove it from the tank?". And for the time being he is left with around 300 L of diesel/petrol mixture.

    I decided to use it in my motorised cycle. As the mixtures are generally unknown sometimes small amounts of petrol with diesel the other time the other way around. So I decided to mix it with fresh petrol 50:50 so in the worst scenario I would end up with 50;50 mixture.
    I use it in my cycle for 2 weeks now and it seems to be working fine. Spark plugs get dirty in the very similar way I thought they would get black much quicker. The only thing that I observed is the engine seems to run smoother but in the same time it seems to produce less power. I will keep you updated wit the results. I think if I successfully use it for 3 or 4 months this method will have been tested.
    I spoke to different car mechanics and they said that supplying this type of fuel is no problem for them as it is usually useless for new cars, only old engines can run on it.
    Share your experiences in this very matter and please watch the video about motrised cycles that I made. It is slightly ironic so no offence ;)
    )Video below

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    This is interesting but to be honest gassing these bikes is so cheap that I would rather pay for it and know what I'm putting through it then get it free and not know what I'm using.
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    Free petrol = good petrol

    Yes it is cheap, but remember that in some countries petrol is a bit more expensive in ireland e.g it is more or less 8.5 dollars per gallon so every drop counts.
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    if it runs, and its free...use it :)

    now why doesnt the mechanic that rents out my sheds ever get these types of customers? worst ive heard so far is water in the power steering fluid... :(

    just remember it does go off if its stored for too long, adding diesel tends to speed it up, as does standard 2 pop oil.

    you could get really fancy with scales and measuring jugs and some maths and work out just how much diesel/petrol you have in each batch ;)

    probably go a slightly hotter plug, too...
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    Good point, I keep forgetting this forum has users worldwide. It's a good idea but I've never had a mechanic that had customers have this problem and they have a tank of mixed gas to give away, probably because diesel cars are uncommon so everyone knows to pull up to the gas pump and they have the attendant do it for them. If you got a free source of gas though go for it, after all free is the best price.
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    the WHAAAAAA?!?

    oooh, i just watched the video :)

    "some roadside maintenance...about every two miles" :jester:

    "ladies should like it" :rofl:

    i cant help but think that the accent isnt actually genuine...:thinking:
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    and im looking forward to bison hunting :)

    hey...another rubber duckie! two duckies in one day! co-incidence? or something deeper?
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    No total coincidence, It is a foto from my different trip, from a fishing trip . Please be advised that I am not the youngest, and I have a family, and a small kid so I cannot make films too often. But whenever I use my speed machine I will post you an update.

    And the ducks... When we went fishing, there was a car on the car park with the ducks inside so I simply had to take a photo. ;)
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    As far as I know 75% of new cars sold in europe are diesels. so, that is why my friend the Mechanic has loads of petrol/diesel mix. But what can u do if petrol/diesel is so expensive.
    I have my beautifuls toyota emina 1996 but I cannot afford to drive it. Just the road tax is around 1000 euro i.e. 1300 $ a year. So having a big car is extremely expensive, even though my car was 1500 euros to buy. You have to add diesel costs, running costs and insurance.
    That's why I got my great motorised cycle to get to work and back 10 miles almost every day ( you have to remember that it rains 300 days a year in ireland, maybe I exaggerate a bit, but it rains very often). And my petrol spendings are around 2 euro a week comparing to around 20 euro when I used my car.

    Thx for comments. Friend added ;)
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    Sorry mate did not quote but gave u reply. I heard that around 75% of new cars in europe are diesels, so they are simply very popular here and that is why my friend mechanic has loads of the fuel mix. People simply forget when they have 2 cars in the family one big diesel and small petrol.
    Did u watch my film ???
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    300? i thought it was 365 days a year? :jester:

    gotta have a bit of sun, once every leap year...

    our joke is after a weeks rain...oooh! blue sky! english summer just came and went!

    the diesels in standard cars are becoming more popular, even if they do sound funny... got nothing on a detroit v-12 :) i just noticed the other day that the closest service station has diesel on every bowser now, rather than just the two at one end.
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    In the US diesels aren't very popular except for heavy duty pickups and work trucks, I've actually seen more electric cars on the road than diesels. I don't know why they aren't more popular since they're more reliable, have better fuel economy, and up until a few years ago diesel was even cheaper than gas.