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  1. I've never heard anyone use a front Coaster Brake. Well once, but the guy had a very clunky rig.
    Heres how I rigged up a front Coaster Brake. It works great! Stops me quick! These pictures are from yesterday, I added a spring to disengage the brake today. The brake works great so far. The only concern i have is these brakes are known to suffer Brake Fade
    If it's important, I can post updated pictures

    Any questions ask away. Any constructive criticism, please share

    EDIT: I went ahead and uploaded updated photos, these also arn't as fuzzy as the last. Although these were taking right before I added the spring.

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    I have seen it done, but not on an articulated fork like yours. Well done.
  3. I havn't seen it much, but I've only looked briefly on this forum. Thanks thou! I wish I had more travel on the cable, not sure if any bike brake lever would have much travel thou. But it works great so far