Front Fork mounted battery proposal

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by stoppit, May 5, 2009.

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    Figured I'd just double post this intro deal in the e-motor section.

    Howdy all, stoppit here hailing from G-boro NC currently and just throwing out that though I'm new to this motorized bike business, I have at least taken a few of the first steps towards completing my murdercycle. Just as a teaser (no pics yet), I've got a Dyno Kustom Kruiser Deuce and just bought a Crystalyte RoadRunner, LiFePO4 36v e-Bike battery, the necessary things (corresponding controller, twist grip, cruise, [thinking about putting on speakers and a thumb-controllable remote for an ipod on the left hand grip, but I digress]), and a rack for it.

    Here's where it gets wonky. The topeak bag/rack I got isn't going to work for mounting the battery on, so I'm considering jerry-rigging a system to mount it on the front forks right above the wheel near vertically (nice thing about this is that physics will take care of keeping the battery in place, what with the locking plate at the right orientation so that the battery can't slide down, only up ).

    Has anybody had any experience with mounting stuff on the front forks?
    What would be my best bet for getting the necessary part to jerry-rig this (for cheap preferably, spent enough on this fabulous money pit already)?
    Any alternate suggestions for mounting my battery?

    Thanks all,

    (fake edit: yes where I'm planning on placing it is above where any shock absorption would hose things up for the bracketing)