Fuel Filter-- my dog ate it

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    Seriously, the fuel line was the last thing I had to do, and I put it off till this morning, only to find out that my freakin' dog thought he'd use the filter as a chew toy.:shout: Suggestions where I should go to get a new one? I have a Powerking 80cc engine.

    Thanks- Edalji

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    I myself would not even try to put gas into the tank without getting another filter. You end up with one tiny piece of dirt in your carb and you will be messing around for hours.
    Spend the five bucks!
  3. Edalji

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    Exactly, dude, but WHERE do I go to spend the $5? That is my question....
  4. Auto parts store. Bring your fuel line cause the common ones are too large. There should be a nice clear one that would work nicely. Remember these only go one way. I had installed mine upside down and had fuel problems!
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    My local NAPA autoparts have inline filters around $2.00

    Autozone & others are about $5.00

    note.... on some kits, the fuel line is too small &/ or junky. go ahead & buy a piece of 1/4" I.D. black fuel line. It will last forever!! (<---- IMO)
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    Good idea about the fuel line. That cheap fish tank line that comes with the kits tend to leak
  7. Silvaire

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    If you're replacing fuel lines, I'd recommend using Tygon. It is probably the most fuel resistant line there is, and it is transparent as well.

    An excellent source is: http://mowers4u.com/

    They carry mostly fuel system parts for small engines, including kits and primer bulbs for Walbro carbs and in tank filters. Their site is a little hard to navigate with nonworking links and such, but they do have excellent prices. I have purchased numerous parts from them and have always had excellent service. They answer questions too.

    Lastly, their shipping charges are also very reasonable!
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    Any motorbike shop/autoparts shop/mower shop,sells them......spend the $'s and get a descent quality one,atleast better than the standard HT filter.
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    off the subject -- well not really

    my dog Mellow -- puppy -- has been eating everyTHING she can get her mouth on !!!

    I lock up my motor bike !!!

    so as to be able to -- ride that THING without missing parts !!!
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    While were on the subject of being off the subject my pet rat(named Royce) has this habit of picking-up every little thing i put down while working on my bike and hiding it under the washing machine.........annoying little fellow sometimes.
  12. Mountainman

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    MB parts -- not to be buried in the yard

    hey fetor -- maybe a little rat basket ? if so -- please post picture

    I just may -- get a dog basket added to my MB
    give Mellow dog a taste of the TRILL ride
    then Mellow will realize how

    important that THING is -- not to be buried in the yard somewhere !!!
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    The higher quality fuel line is a good idea. But dont' throw out the stock fuel line.

    I found that the black stuff wouldn't fit on the nipple on the carburetor. So I've got the black stuff from the tank to the fuel filter, but the stock stuff from the fuel filter to carby. Gonna have to figure out something more permanent, but it works for now.
  14. Pablo

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    They make thinner wall 3/16" fuel line. Works great for the carb side of the fuel filter.
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    I think this will help some people....

    On my HT and all of my mini chopper builds i run into the nipples (carb/tank) being slightly smaller than the 1/4" fuel line.
    This causes the fuel line to fit sloppy (loose) and your totally relying one the clamp to keep it snug. Manytimes seeping.

    I have found that if you use 3/16 fuel line and filter that the lines fit perfectly snug on the nipples. (many times without a clamp)
    9 times out of 10 you cannot find them at any local stores. You can find them at snowmobile shops, but they are
    spendy. 5 years ago I tried good ol' e-bay and there was only 1 supplier of 3/16 supplies. But now there are plenty
    of people selling them at very reasonable prices._________Maybe in your area's you can find then in the store, but 3/16" has
    been the cats meow for my many applications.

    3/16 Fuel line.... http://shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_dm...=m270.l1313&_odkw=3/16"+fuel+filter&_osacat=0

    3/16 Filters.... http://shop.ebay.com/items/?_nkw=3/...id=m270.l1313&_odkw=3/16"+fuel+line&_osacat=0

    3/16 Clamps... http://shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_dm...=m270.l1313&_odkw=3/16"+fuel+filter&_osacat=0

    Some vendors sell all three, but you have to do the homework. graucho:detective:

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    Love that sense of humor....eeeee!:jester: