Fuel line for Dax kit



I either didn't get a fuel line with my kit - or I misplaced it somewhere. Either way, I have to get a new one.

Can anyone tell me what size the fuel line is? Also, is it just the surgical tubing, or does it need to be specific fuel line? Perhaps Home Depot has some replacement line for a lawn mower?

Any ideas would be appreciated - Thanks!


Here's what I'd do, depending on how quickly you want to get going. First of all, you really want a fuel filter. So if you don't have one, order the filter + tubing from thatsdax.com.

Now, if you have a filter, and want to get going /now/, then order the tube from thatsdax.com, and go out and buy surgical tubing. Use the surgical tubing temporarily.

good luck


The fuel line from Dax is certainly offered cheap - but I would like to start the bike tomorrow if possible.

Anyone know the size of the fuel line?


you have a petcock (valve) & a carburetor, right? is there any chance you could simply go match some up and let us know what you used?


Don't buy the clear yellow tubing from home depot...its just a tiny bit too big for the carb and filter but not on the petcock


The yellow tubing from Home Despot works fine on all of my bikes. I do use a small zip tie on the carb to cinch it a bit so it doesn't leak.


Your local auto parts store (Auto Zone, Pep Boys, Advance Auto, Murrays, Fisher Auto, Etc...) should be able to help you...Just bring the carb or tank so they get the proper size line for you.

Good luck...Oh....as others have said to try to use a fuel filter too.



Hey all -

I don't mean to "threadc**p" on the original poster, but this seems like a relevant location to ask a question of mine. Also, I keep seeing reply posts to people who started new threads for already-addressed topics, asking them to post on an already-existing thread. So here goes.

I am the proud owner of a Dax 70cc kit. My Schwinn Skyliner is on order from Walmart.com. I figured I'd get a few essentials in the meantime, before the bike comes in. I needed a fuel filter, fuel line, 2-stroke oil, and a chain-breaker.

I went to Home Depot and picked up some Watts-brand 3/8" x 1/4" clear vinyl tubing. It's much sturdier than the latex tubing they had, and I think that, when used in combination with zip ties, it will provide a good, solid fuel line. Any word on gasoline reacting with vinyl, though??

First I looked at thatsdax.com for the fuel filter, but they are currently (as of Nov. 6, 2007) sold out. I couldn't find any fuel filters at Home Depot, so I ended up heading to Autozone. All they could offer me were two different types of in-line fuel filters. I could really use some input here. Because they were cheap, I decided to buy both kinds. They're made by Maxpower, and are product #4286 ("for engines without fuel pumps, for 1/4" fuel line, replaces Briggs & Stratton #298090) and #4283 ("for all air cooled engines"). Any comments on whether these will do the trick? I also went to Walmart and found a fuel filter that looks very similar (maybe a bit larger?) to the Dax-recommended fuel filter. It is a Fram-brand G2 fuel filter. Also cheap, so I bought one. Any suggestions on which, if any, I should use?

Autozone only had marine-grade 2-cycle oil. I assume that marine-grade is still compatible with our bike engines? Anyway, I ended up with the Pennzoil Marine Premium Plus 2-cycle synthetic blend outboard engine oil. TC-W3. Has anyone else used a similar "marine" oil, and do you think that it will be ok?

Walmart also had a Bell ChainMender and FloTool measuring/mixing oil funnel that will probably come in handy.

Thanks a ton for reading this far, and for your help!


do not use marine grade 2 stroke oil. this oil is designed for marine outboards that are cooled with a water flow and breaks down at much lower temps.
I personally use bel-ray h1r 2 stroke oil. It is synthetic and very good...also makes less smoke. You can get it at any place that sells motorcycles, except perhaps a harley davidson dealership. As for the fuel filters... try them out and see.