Fuel Mixture Gas/Oil Ratio in liters

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    Good day to all,

    I am one of the 49cc HT noobs here. I am a bit confused regarding gas/oil ratio in Liters. I've searched this site and can't seem to find exact answer. Yes, I am bad at math, sorry for that.

    I've read some post regarding on this but they are in "gallons".

    On the manual that came with the engine kit says 16:1 on break in and 20:1 after, is this equal to 1000ml(1 liter) gas : 16ml oil ?

    I also got confused on some thread post having 50:1 ratios.

    Your reply will be much appreciated.


  2. SimpleSimon

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    No, rather it is 1000/16 = 62.5 ml of oil.

    For every 16ml of gas, one ml of oil. Likewise, once broken in the ratio is 20:1, or 50 ml of oil per liter of gas.
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    Thank you SimpleSimon,

    Oh my, I am killing my engine then. The engine kit vendor told me that for 1 liter of gas add, 16ml of oil. And I am on my 3rd tank of gas now.

    I'm wondering how my engine is holding up.
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    Drain the tank and carb, immediately. I'd fill the tank with a 16:1 ration immediately, pull the spark plug wire, get the rear wheel off the ground and crank the engine through a several revolutions by hand, before putting the plug wire back on and starting it.

    You need the oil in the mix NOW - it is what lubricates all the crank bearings and cylinder walls. At 16 ml of oil to 1 liter of gas you are running a 62.5:1 ratio. Really not good.
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    Thank you again,

    I will do this first thing tomorrow. Can I add a bit of oil through spark plug hole? Just to make sure it gets lubricated enough?

    I just hope my engine will still be fine after this error.
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    Thank you RedBaronX!
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    I've posted it a couple times because it's so handy, easy, and so very important!
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    as for putting some oil directly into the cylinder, the directions I got said to do that... it didn't give a measurement for how much, it just said "a small cap full". They recommend specifically to remove the cylinder head so that you can push down the piston before pouring in some oil because it needs to flow into the side ports (as opposed to the muffler)
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    ^ the calculator is sure helpful.

    I see what you mean on removing the head before pouring oil.

    I am glad that my engine did not blew up or something while on the road for lacking oil. That would be tragic.
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  11. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Como esta, Jeco!

    I use a syringe that's marked for 16:1 25:1, 50:1, etc. for liters and quarts. It doesn't show the actual cc's involved, so less complicated. The syringe has cc's measurement on one side and ounce-measurement on the other side.

    The safe part about using this syringe is that 1 liter measures VERY closely in displacement to 1 quart. One liter = 1.06 quarts; one quart = .95 liter. If you screw up and mix 16:1(2oz.) in one liter, your mistake changes the fuel/oil mixture to 16.96:1. If you mix 62.5 ml. into one quart, the ratio changes to 15.2:1.

    Your error in mixing would not damage your engine, and that's a good thing.:bowdown:

    BTW, NEVER clean the syringe with pure gasoline. It will destroy the syringe's seal, making it useless.

    Ask me how I know this.:ack2:
  12. Jeco

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    I am fine thank you!
    Kamusta din? (how are you too?)

    The syringe will be very much handy indeed, I will look somthing like that. Right now I use those little cups that came with my kids medicine, those with up to 15ml measurement.

    You cleaned the syringe with gasoline did you? :)
  13. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Mabuti(Visayan) or Na imbag(Ilocano)!

    I cleaned the syringe with pure gasoline and ruined it. The oil/fuel mixture is okay with the syringe, though.

    You can find the syringe at any auto parts store.

    I buy 2-stroke motorcycle oil in quart bottles. It's MUCH cheaper than buying smaller containers.
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    5-7Heaven, seems you know more Filipino dialects than I do..I am a pure Tagalog =)

    I got the mixture right today, drained the carb, added oil on the gas, also poured a bit of oil into the head. Now the engine runs smoother than before, torque got better also. I am glad I've asked here in this forum. Thanks a bunch for the guide you all given me. Very much appreciated.

    Next thing to do is to make the clutch easier on the hand, right now some fingers are developing blisters. I have read some mods people did for the clutch like the roller adapter and adjusting the clutch arm to an angle. Another thing is the leaking gas tank cover.

    Thanks again all!
  15. SimpleSimon

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    Jeco, look for the post by Large Filipino about the clutch mod that greatly improves the use of it. He really is a LARGE Filipino, born there but raised in NYC.
  16. Jeco

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    Yes, I've seen that thread and many other posting of Large Filipino, very nice to see a "Kababayan" here.

    I think I will try first the mod that you just adjust the angle of the clutch arm a bit counter clockwise, if still hard on the hand I will go look for similar materials used on the roller mod.

    Thanks again!
  17. 5-7HEAVEN

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    My brother-in-law is Ilocano, born in The Philipines, immigrated here as a student. Wife is Hawaii-born Visayan, so I "inherited" all of her relatives, lol.:tt1:

    Jeco, PM my good friend Hawaii Ed. He has the same type of engine as you do. It's lightly-modified and connects to a shift kit. His fastest speed is over 50mph, but the engine is tame enough to get him to work every day.

    Hawaii Ed has the Happy Time Chinese engine. My other friend Rick has twin Honda engines, and I switch between Tanaka 47R engines and GP460 engines.

    The three of us are SERIOUSLY addicted to motorized bicycles, lol. :devilish:
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    ^that's why, pinoys are around you =)

    On Gas/Oil ratio
    Riding is pretty smooth on low and mid, high vibration on WOT. The engine is almost at the end of its break in, I think(3 tanks full). With the added oil, it takes a bit time for the engine to engage on cold start (maybe its just me). Feels better now with the added oil for the gears.

    More OT
    50mph...scary speed for me, with a cheap bike I have it's a no no for speed like that. Maybe I can find a better built bike I like (chopper), then I can try that speed. I also like the concept of the shift kit, because I am wondering if my stock spokes are strong enough for the big gear I've attached to them. The shift gear will be nice.

    I'll PM Hawaii Ed sometime, regarding on HT. Btw, is there a US built HT similar to the Chinese HT?

    It's true, this little contraption is making me busy, addictive on tinkering and riding. My wife gets a bit jealous on me spending time with this thing. I tell her I am just making sure that this thing will be safe for me and my kid when riding it.

    I'm wondering if I can also get those parts for modification(like jack shift, even a better engine), I bet shipping and price will be a problem.

  19. 5-7HEAVEN

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    There are no American-made Happy Time engines. If there were any, I'd buy one.

    Sick Bike Parts(SBP) is one of our sponsors here. You can buy the shift kit online. It is the best modification you'll ever make on your bike. For the performance, it's reasonably priced. Don't forget to buy the expansion pipe.

    Could I suggest find a higher-quality used bike that is reasonably priced? I've used Raleigh, Giant, Diamondback and Kona. D'Back has dual disc brakes; it's my fastest/quickest bike. It should be just as fast but quicker acceleration than Hawaii Ed's Trek. Mine is 5hp GP460 engine, frame-mounted with shift kit.
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    I'd like to buy online for bike stuff but I think it would be costly to ship them to Manila, shipping and tax will be a problem I think. I once did bought something online for a laptop part, I've addressed it to a relative in California, he then sent it to me together with his other things for other relatives. That would work, bigger package though, and longer waiting.

    Yes, a higher-quality bike will be good. I will look for a better ones like your recommendations if local stores here have those brand bikes.

    I did the mod on the clutch today, angled the arm about 90 degrees from the cable stopper, added oil on the cable inside, made a difference not like before. That's all I can do for now for the clutch.

    Good day!