Contact info missing... a bad sign?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Kiwi, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Kiwi

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    I hope i have the correct place for this post.
    I was checking out and liked what i saw... until i clicked on the Contact us link and was told the page could not be found.
    Has anyone had any experience with these guys?
    Yes, i did check the vendor review section, found nothing there.



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  3. Kiwi

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    yep. must of been a temporary server issue
    anyone have experience with these guys?
  4. biken stins

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    Got a refund from pay pal when they did not deliver.
    It may of been they were just starting out.
    Search "gas bike" and see what you come up with. Pro's and Con's.
  5. TWalker

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    I don't trust anyone who has a really clean cut, too happy looking (possibly ***) guy with a headset on and a caption underneath that says "our customer service team" and then a toll free number with a woman dressed in what might be a doctors smock and a headset on.

    I somehow have a hard time believing these people are just waiting on the line for me to order a bike engine.
  6. GasBike

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    1. The page you want is: - found easily from the top, side and bottom Navigation Bars and text links

    2. We do not post real faces of our employees on our website

    3. It might be hard to believe but there are customer service people waiting for your incoming call to handle orders, parts, support and returns issues Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm PST. They are not able to handle all incoming calls but the form on the Contact Us page simplifies that also and they are very quick to responding via email.

    Good luck,

    Team Gas Bike
  7. plinko

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    I had a better experience with gasbike than I did spooky tooth.Or should I say scary tooth
  8. beentryin

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    i ordered a 66/80 from them. i ordred the lesser model. and ended up getting a gt5.put about 600 miles on it and it still run good. and im pretty hard on it.and was decent shipping times,id order again
  9. CHEWY60

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    I ordered an engine,fuel filter & boost bottle from these people. I rcvd my order fairly fast. There was no paperwork, ie, invoice or packing slip with order. They shorted me the fuel filter & boost bottle. I used their contact form & contacted them twice so far with my order #, still no response. Thank goodness I printed out a hard copy of my order so I have proof. Will definitely not order another item from them if this is how they are. I don't know but their ad looks identical to Kings ad, thinking they are one and the same.
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    Chewy look at the date of the 1st post.