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    Greetings fellow riders,My name is Glen and i ride a 70cc zbox kit here in sydney australia,i use it to get to and from work every day 35km round trip,I have done fairly standard mods to it including porting and am just about to add a tuned pipe{pocketbike style},the long and short of it is i love the **** thing and i also hate if you get what i mean.I am 31 and have been motorising just about anything that moves since i was 10 years old ,bmx,skateboards,eskies{drink cooler},mower motors,weedwhackers,friction drive,chain,belts,jackshafts,pipes at some stage ive had a go at it.
    I have done a lot of reading at this forum and it is a place with some great stuff,i will get on to posting some pics real soon


  2. Mountainman

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    welcome -- got any pictures of some of those rides ???

    have fun as you ride those things
  3. graucho

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    Hi Glen welcome to MB.c Glad your here. Get comphy, then i'll suck some knowledge from your brain. :grin5:
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    nice to meet you Glen. Yah I'd like to see a few pictures of your mb.

    btw - Australia absolutely has the best music. My girlfriend and I are determined to move there~
  5. BoltsMissing

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    Welcome to MBc,
  6. AlexRSS8

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    jeez you only wanna move here cause of the music?

    off topic i know, g'day fellow new comer
  7. ENO

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    Welcome mate..I am 100 miles north of you..This is a great place to find info and people with the same passions as ourselves..Look at "Aussie Roll Call" to find all the others in OZ and what they are riding, thinking, and doing. See you down the track..ENO
  8. AlexRSS8

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    Thanks mate, i'm SLOWLY making my way around the forums, see ya round
  9. impression

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    hey Welcome :D

    may i ask where abouts in Sydney you're from :D

    i'm near Penrith :)