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  1. s_beaudry

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    Ok, been doing a ton of research on the forum here and think I have all the correct information on a setup I am thinking about...

    I want to do a GEBE belt drive setup on the cheap, as I am confident I can make and or fabricate some of the pieces needed....

    As far as mounting it, I am sure I can make a mount out of some aluminum flat stock that I have and also make a brace for it from the frame to hold it steady. I am thinking of using a Honda GX35 and setting it up with a clutch housing that has a driveshaft (short one) coming off it and having the end threaded for the 5/16 x 24 fine thread for the GEBE drive sprocket.

    I will incorporate a tensioner in there to keep the belt taunt enough as not to slip.

    I have tried to call GEBE for 2 days now with no return call to me yet.

    A few questions.....

    Am I correct that the GEBE drive sprocket itself is a 5/16 x 24 fine thread female end?

    Does GEBE sell a clutch bell housing setup that has a driveshaft like this already to accept one of thier sprockets for a Honda GX35? (no return calls from them leaving voicemail)

  2. astring

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    I'd guess that they may not want to give away too much info on how to "do it yourself".
  3. DetonatorTuning

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    i can't answer on the GEBE bellhousing, but i can tell you for sure that the drive cog threads are 5/16"x 24 thread.

  4. stude13

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    they are a busy and very small and very swamped. have you tried calling ford to see if a 350 chev might fit?
  5. s_beaudry

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    First, I'll laugh at that joke later on today maybe when I find it funny

    Second, I do not expect immediate service, but when you call and say you are interested in buying from them and leave your name and number TWICE over the course of TWO DAYS and no one returns your call even on the third day.....thats bull****

    We can all make excuses for businesses who are TOO BUSY and VERY SWAMPED.....but when you can not call someone back in three days.... that is no excuse for a company who just does not care about a potential customer.

    Lay down and take it you say........NOT ME!
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    Hey Beaudry, let's play nice here. GEBE is small, and does have trouble keeping up sometimes. I've never needed to call them, but I have emailed them before -- they always reply within a few days, and typically provide information beyond what I asked for.

    If you haven't received a response to your calls yet, try email.

    Also, you don't have to "lay down and take it". You just have to be patient and polite... And please don't come asking us for help, only to accuse us of making excuses for GEBE. Even if they are excuses, does that make them any less true?

    Now, to answer your questions. Yes, the GEBE sprockets are 5/16 x 24 fine female threads. GEBE might sell a suitable bell housing (they offer 76 or 52mm clutch models; you will have to email them for a custom invoice if you desire the housing alone)... I believe the GX35 is a 76mm clutch engine, but am not sure -- do your own homework, and don't bite my head off if I'm wrong.

    If you can't get the proper housing from GEBE, consider finding another source. Perhaps you could buy one of these clutches and then use a lathe to bring it down to size, then a die to thread it.

  7. s_beaudry

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    Please accept my apology for the outbreak...

    Bad day home with the kiddies here!

    Thank you for the answer, I do appreciate you taking the time to help me.
  8. Cowled_Wolfe

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    You're welcome. I hope your day's a bit better now. :)

  9. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The gx35 / gx 31 is a 76 mm clutch
    Statons clutch unit would be a better choice as it is
    cheaper and already has 4 mounting holes tapped into the face
    for mounting to a bracket or plate.
    It has double bearings too which the small engine warehouse may not.

    I still think you are better off just buying the complete motor kit
    without an engine for $350
    If you add up all the parts and ship handling fees it will come to about the same. GEBE doesn't discount shipping.

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  10. jg767

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    You can find clutch housings at the STATON web site, too.