Getting Out Of Motorbikes For Now

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by stealthc9, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. stealthc9

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    Ok im putting up my schwinn chopper and my happy time engine kit

    $250obo for both local sale please. It will come with a #41 chain
    Business has slowed to a dead stop and i need these sold asap.

    If you want just the engine then $130 please

    i'll also entertain offers on my beach cruiser with 400 miles on it for $160
    I've been riding the Ninja 250 lately and I want to buy another bike. So let me know i need them sold asap.


  2. Can you post pics of each? That would help a lot.
  3. andyszyd

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    What kind of beach cruiser? Pictures? I live close by bo shipping necessary.
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    that was fast...
  5. stealthc9

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    thats the daily rider thats for sale...and i have ANOTHER OCC chopper bike for sale same deal as beore but i'd like $200


    $160 for the daily So I can get my motorcycle tagged again!
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    Ok well the rear spokes on the daily rider just needs a new back wheel. $80 for the daily bike!