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    I need some help. I was pulled over today in Fort Myers, Fl. for riding my bike. I have an OP beach cruiser with a 66cc motor. I was told I needed a valid DL and reg. The Florida statute isn't very clear on gas powered bikes. Is there someone out there who can help me before I have to go to court?


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    Hi Tom, Welcome to M.B.c.
    Just go to the top search bar, Click search, Type in Florida, and check SEARCH POSTS. You'll get all kinds of stuff out of Florida. a lot of posts dealing with the law.
    Big Red.
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    Pulled over.

    The very FIRST thing you say is, Why yes, It IS a 49cc motor, officer....
    Unless they take it apart their's no way to tell the difference.
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    right, because for MANY states, that's the top size allowed without needing special motorcycle permits
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    when you go to court say not guilty and they should provide you with a public defender if income is lower or a lawyer. I am in California i beet it in court they called it a motorcycle went 6 times to the court house until i found a code in the California vehicles code. but i am unsure about Florida one look up is ask if the officer upholds and defends the constitution were they took a proper oath of office to practice law. you can research that. My legal research friend used that in court on an officer he refused to show his identity and the officer gave him a ticket for that and beet it the court, officer was never relay an officer of the state since they did not took a oath to uphold the united states constitution.
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    I take the badges off all my builds so there all 49cc haha.
    I think if you had at least a DL it might of turned out differently,Did you get a DUI and lose it or what.
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    Ya, DUI. I have two months left on probation. I thought this would be a great way around the system. It worked for about 6 months. I think the deputy got up on the wrong side of the bed. Never had a problem ill now. Even rode to the court house several times. Oh well.
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    Bad Cop

    If he's having a bad day so are you. just rember you dont have to answer any questions. The judge makes the final decision, but the cop can cause some pain and suffering to you in the mean time. But With a MB its different be nice and hope he's liking u'r ride and forgets any tickets. if you admit to anything ur guilty. cops will lie to get u to say what they want flexyourrights. ? on a MB