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  1. Man I'm really diggin this MB thing. Only been about three weeks and have prolly two hundred miles and a few upgrades complete. All my friends freak when they see this thing. Almost want to sell it and do another one......naaaaa... itsa keeper.

  2. dangit...sory still kinda new to this posting pics thing
  3. aaarrrggghhh.....please don't ban me..simply hit the wrong button

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  4. toolow

    toolow Member

    LOOKIN GOOD nice clean build
  5. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    yup! It is addictive! Keep it and build a shift kit bike next! Will never look back :)
  6. Not a clue as to what that means yet but I will be sure to search before asking stupid questions...hahaha.
  7. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I like the intake and "brake rotor" crankset. Good job.
  8. Monkeyboy13

    Monkeyboy13 New Member

    smoothe looking bike dude.
  9. marcel

    marcel New Member

    sick bike. way better than mine.
    but please get a new front tire. it kinda ruins it.
    but still a clean build
  10. globalenigma

    globalenigma New Member

    Love the bike. Only problem i saw was the anti-theft device does not appear to serve a purpose. In the picture it seems to only be wrapped around the seat shaft. I have done the same but I strung the thing out first and ran one side through the frame then wrapped it around the shaft. Hope all goes well... run what tires please you.
  11. Thanks all....The front tire is what came with the bike and had a matching back tire but it was too wide such that the drive chain would rub big time so I had to buy a thinner rear tire. My thought is that a fatter front tire helps smooth out the ride but I really haven't researched tires in this forum. Anyway, it rides smooth and looks great going by at a liesurely 20mph.

    Oh, I just keep the bike lock wrapped around the seat post while out on rides and then use it anytime I have to leave the bike for even just 30 seconds. Sometimes I leave it coiled and just hang it on the handlebars but usually wrapped around post tight and locked so it can't foul in rear tire.

    Thanks for checking it out!
  12. agentjosh77

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    Hey skypiratescotty,

    Just wanted to give you of word of advise from my experience about that particular rope lock.

    Don't let it get wet.

    I let mine sit in the rain one time, and the rust just got worse and worse.

    It got so bad that I ended up breaking the key off in the lock... Let it be known that I have been known to be a "bull in a china closet," but none the less.

    Be careful with that lock.

    Great looking bike, I really like the custom exhaust setup. Have you felt any change in performance versus what I am sure is a suppression in volume?

  13. Lots more torgue on the low end and sounds way better! Highly recommend Sick Bike Parts expansion chamber.
  14. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    I've got a set of those flamin' tires on one of my bikes. Not really period for the look I have, but they are solid tires that seem to stick to the ground well.

    How does that tool bag hold up for you? I've been eyeballing those.
  15. Tools are a must in my opinion and so far have not been stranded on any long afternoon rides. The bag works great but on my bike it has to face me. I initially had it hanging out front but the lid was facing too far down and I didn't want to risk tools flying out if I hit a bump. I keep a small assortment of metric wrenches, channel lock and vice grip pliers, plus and minus srewdrivers(haha), and sparkplug tool.
  16. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Looks great! I bet it rides like it looks.

    Any vibration issues?
  17. toad772

    toad772 New Member

    everyone keeps there bikes so clean mine is covered in mud
  18. prof fate

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    skypiratescotty- I haven't seen anyone else run the exhaust up and back like that. I think you have hit upon a great idea. You don't have to worry about pedal clearance issues and the exhaust is pointed away from you. Quieter.
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  19. It just fitted up that way the easiest and the least amount of trouble. I would caution everyone to wear long pants or at least be mindful that the pipe is very close to your inner thigh. It has tickled me a couple times and man that pipe is hot.