great find,, but who makes it?

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    so i got this cruiser for 55 bucks off craigslist,, looks like its never been ridden.. but i dont know who makes it? any ideas? it only says pacific on it..

    also i want to make this one look like a post ww3 survival bike. any ideas for that? =) :jester: ok i cant figgure out how to add pictures now

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    i'd go with ww1 not ww2.
    do a quick google search for ww1 motorcyces. most look like bicycles with engines. (similar to my boardtracker) ya might wanna check out swiss army bicycles also.

    cheap ammo boxes are a great way to give a bike that military look, flat green paint is another. lots of leather pouches and stenciled white letters/numbers will finish it off right.

    you should visit we only deal with bicycles overthere, but when it comes to customizing theres alot of talent.
    you'll find loads of military inspired bicycles. the talent pool is off the hook!
    kinda makes this forum look alittle uninspired in comparrison.

    heres a couple from over there to get ya started.

    btw have you seen the felt mp bicycle?
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    I can't tell you much about Pacific Bicycle. But it seems as though they are American designers who then contract the manufacturing to some Chinese builder.

    They also make the "Kulana" brand and maybe one or two others.
  6. Pacific Cycles

    Hello, Pacific Cycles is based in Canada, most production Chinese, they own the Schwinn brand among others that they have bought up in the "Great Chinese Bicycle Crisis".

    Which, BTW is similar to the "Great Japanese Bicycle Crisis", if you know what I mean.

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    straight =)