great oppertunity


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Jun 9, 2008
Hunington beach Ca.
lazy bikeusa is so confident once you see and ride our bikes.
your have to have one. we are offering demo's and test rides
to any one in Orange and La county Calif.
we will come to you!
email me from my web site
trying to improve motorized biking!


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why is friction mount better than chain drive?
why is your bike better than the kits people use here..
Everything has it's ups and downs. I would say a friction drive you don't need to mess with the wheel but it may slip with wet weather and tire wear would increase. But I would say it's probably the easiest install out of the other drives. And any size wheel would give you the same speeds.
I have some questions.
Would it mount up front on my trike? bugabike.jpg
And how does it engage and disengage? Is there an auto clutch on that?
Emissions I'm not worried about for that front wheel is a 20 inch way low with my riding height. It would go under my breathing area.
Here are the guys:

And I believe this is my model up top of the page:

Yea,this bike is no joke heavy duty and it needs an engine.
I may want to volunteer with Volunteers of America and get a Meals On Wheels route with this thing.

Money is always the stopper though. :(

It will happen.

I just need some time.

This just may be an opportunity for me to see what all the GEBE fuss is about. :D

Or maybe a friction drive can be adapted. Who knows?
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