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    Hi there! Wally here from Springfield IL. Lots of motorbikers here. Pictured is my second build (1st one was a couple years ago and sold it to a neighbor) Have enjoyed reading the forum and have learned a lot. (Carb tuning pages were very helpful) So I guess it's time to join and try and help others.
    The bike is a Raleigh M40 mountain bike with an ebay BGF motor kit. Got some mysterious rattling going on, I'll have to shoot a video so everyone can hear. That little tank is off an ice auger and I think it's cleaner looking than the peanut kit tank. Got a dual brake lever, SHA clone performance carb (before I read the re-jettng pages) and that chain tensioner called the "arch" I got from Lynn at
    Feel free to ask if you have any questions about it. My next build is a Genesis Onex 29er. Think I'll start a build thread for that.
    Glad to be a part of the forum.:cool:

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    Welcome to the forum. The auger tank was a good call. The kit tank looks OK on cruisers but not so much on many mountain bikes.