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    Bought a 450W E-bike to see how I would like the experience (of pedal-assist), after putting 50mi in 5 days and getting tired of waiting for the charger I sold it and am now putting together my first gas bike. Found a sturdy full suspension bike w/ kiddo trailer for $100, an old Viza Viper w/ a bad gearbox (but good 33c 2-stroke and xtra large fuel tank) for $35, now I'm looking for the rest to glue it together.

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    hey there tnmb, welcome aboard
    I'm starting to see more and more TN folks here, that's a good thing I reckon
    Me bro and I are in Memphis
    good luck and happy motoring
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    I have met a few people as well

    Saw a 40cc Tanaka Golden Eagle at the local walgreens the other day. I am thinking that I am not the only one who has freaked at $4/gal gasoline here.
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    My girlfriend and I are in Smyrna,Tn
    Just ordered 5 more engine kits,
    Hers> in the background (Polaris X 63) is all-prepped waiting, for the engine to show up.:cool:

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    Finally put mine together the other day.

    Ordered a friction drive rear kit (no engine) from staton-inc, called first and talked to david staton to make sure I was getting the right stuff. Had everything in hand 3 days later, took about an hour to install (I was taking my time). Realized the fuel lines were dry rotted within the first 5 miles (fuel lines came with the engine off craigslist, not in the kit) then while replacing the fuel lines took a close look at the primer bulb and realized it was cracked! I had been leaking gas everywhere! So $9 later (2 fuel lines and a primer bulb) and about 5 minutes of tinkering it is back together and working fine. Have 50mi on it so far, which is saying something because I live in Franklin, and everything is within 2 or 3 miles. I intentionally ordered a size larger (1.15" instead of 1") friction drive that david recommended for the 33cc engine, I know it is a bit underpowered but still wanted to be able to cruise at 25-30mph, I am planning on getting a 49cc robin after this 33cc blows up and feel that that would be about the right roller for that engine. Posting pictures here in a little bit, probably putting a longer writeup in another thread/category where it is more appropriate, will link.

    PM me if anybody is near franklin and wants to ride the Natchez Trace w/me.