Grubee HD Axle Kit with Solid Hub For 2 Stroke Motor

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sradabaugh, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. sradabaugh

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    I searched the forums but didn't seem to find any talk about the Grubee Solid Hub?

    I was wondering if anyone has one of these?
    What's your opion on it?

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    TREEWK Member


    Hi, And Welcome.

    A Few Days Ago I Purchased 2 Of Those Kits From "" For $49.99 Per Kit. Mine Are For The 4 Stroke With The Freewheel Adapter. Go To The 2 Strokes Parts For The Non-freewheel Solid Adapter.

    I Ordered 2 Kit`s And A Throttle Cable To Get The Free Shipping On Over $100. Order`s. Saved $23. On S/h. They Are Quality Parts.

    The Left Had Thread For The Sprocket Is Larger Than The Standard 1 3/8" X 24 Tpi. That Is So The Right Hand Thread (on The Left Side) 1 3/8" X 24 Tpi Can Accept The Drum Brake.

    When You Choose The Sprocket Size = Number Of Teeth = 44, 48 Or 56 It Will Let You Choose Only What Is In Stock.

    They Kits Have Sealed Heavy Duty Ball Bearings, Not Regular Bicycle Bearings. I Don`t Know If There Is 2 Bearings On Each Side, They Feel Heavy Enough For 4 Bearings!!

  3. occchopperfl

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    Hi Treewk,

    Got your PM. Thank you for your response. :)

    Does buying this hub kit mean you have to relace a rim and spokes?

    If so, how do you know that everything will line up properly? (length of spoke, and ends of spoke compatible?)

    Thanks. :)

    TREEWK Member


    I Have No Plan`s To Lace The Wheeel`s At This Time. I Just Needed The Freewheel Adapter For My Electric To Gas Conversion Build. To My Dismay, The Freewheel Adapter`s Have A Over Size Left Hand Thread, Of No Help To Me For This Project. Now I Have Some More Nice Inventory!! I Like The Quality Of The Parts Though.

    Maybe Someone Can Jump In To Advise On The Spoke`s Etc.

  5. foamer

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    I build a wheel with this hub from "" its work well. I had to order there free wheel also.