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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by PhoobarID, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. PhoobarID

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    Not sure if this is the place to ask about this...but I have 2 new grips coming which look like they provide more cushioning for my hands than the hard rubber ones which come stock. Anyone have any cheap/easy suggestions on making the hand grips more comfortable/vibration free to keep my hands (especially the right one) from cramping up and losing feeling? I don't have this problem driving...but working with small items...my right hand cramps up.

  2. a/c man

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    Foam hand grips wok well for absorbing vibration and take the tingle out of your hands.

    Some people have tried filling the handle bars with spray foam or lead shot to help deaden the vibration also.

    I wear gloves which also helps.

  3. PhoobarID

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    Just got the new grips...but they are rubber as well. Am thinking about getting some of that medical wrap you use when you hurt yourself. Think if I build up the grips...part of the problem may go away.

    Thought I had read about lead shot...but the spray foam one I hadn't. Will have to remember to get some when I buy a new box fan next weekend. As for the gloves...do that as well. Keeps the hands warm in the mornings.
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    i dont use the stock twist throttle I made a throttle for my bike from an old brake lever. I just cut it short so it only takes one finger to pull now I can use whatever grips I want and my hands seem a lot more comfortable
  5. Gene

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    I don't think that is a good idea. As you are riding you have your finger pulling the throttle. In an emergency your first nature is to pull more not let go. As far as using grips that you want you can remove the inner tube sleeve from a throttle grip and replace the grip with a grip of your choice.

    You can see this here all you need is a 7/8th throttle clamp. http://www.virtualvillage.com/motorcycle-handlebars-bullet-grips-7-8-chrome-billet-004616-163.html
  6. PhoobarID

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    Another choice I've looked at is a thumb throttle...like on a snowmobile/ATV. They go for about $15-20 online.

    Actually...if I could find a "cruise control" setup for a motorcycle where you can lock the throttle in place...that would be perfect. Had one on a used Yamaha 850 I rode years ago...but can't seem to find one.