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  1. I went to the OK state license bureau and asked what to do to make a 49cc power assisted bicycle legal. They made a phone call, suggested I go to the tag office. They made a phone call, suggested I check with the local cops. One told me just ride it like a bicycle and stop at stop signs, etc. and use hand signals. No title, ins, safety equipment, tag, Just ride it as you would a bike. Wheeeeeeeee

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    And if thay see you at speed and not pedalling. UN licensed and un registered motor bike.like $1200 in fines my laws state the motor must not be working at 25kmh and over and you must pedal all the time
  3. As I understood our conversation, it seems like it is good to go as a motorized bicycle with no restrictions other than those for bicycles
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    The cops here will even take your bike and dyno it to prove its over powered. So one cop says yes another will will do you over. I have been to court and got away not like a lot of people eny more
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    Sounds like you're in good shape William, congratulations! Just ride like the cop told you to and you shouldn't have any problems. Oh and don't go riding around in Melborne Oklahoma.