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Bean Oil

Hey everybody! Figured I'd start off in the spirit of cooperation by following the suggestions laid out in a very special private message. Hee.


Your first "New Topic" should be, as a matter of courtesy, in the "Introduce Yourself" forum.
Copy THAT.

My name's Chris, I'm in my early fiftes but still think I'm twenty-two, I live somewhere on the westside of Los Angeles and along with a fondness for anything that rolls on wheels, I love bicycles too... I have several.

I fell for the old-time look of what I now realize is one of the fabulous Happy Time engine kits... got it for cheap from a co-worker who had purchased a bunch of kits in partnership with some other dude. The guy I bought it from said it was an 80 cc kit but from looking around here a bit, the air-cooled 2-stroke engine's displacement could be anything from 65 cc through 70 cc to an 80 cc. The only way I can know for sure is to mic the bore and measure the stroke... but, meanwhile, getting this thing mounted properly onto my red Schwinn Cruiser is a little time-consuming. Hahahaha.... not to mention the amazing quality and engineering of this simply terrific clutch linkage! IMPRESSIVE! For starters, where, sirs, may I please find a better-quality handlebar clutch lever? I seem to have a lever that pre-dates the 1900's. There must be something better out there...

Let us know about your level of mechanical know-how, and also let us know if you're new to using forums.
I've turned a wrench or two; mostly on cars. My background primarily is as a hardcore hobby builder. If I had to wrench for a living, I'd probably starve. Hahahaha...

I've friends that make me look good: For this, my first motorized bicycle project, Anton Krevanic has tutored me on his Brigeport mill and I've whittled up some engine mount brackets. We're also countersinking (Thanks to Bikeguy Joe and Anton for the idea) the kit's rear sprocket mount bolts to avoid altering the brake arm on the Schwinn's Shimano single-speed coaster-brake hub. These are just two items from a long list of modifications that I feel are necessary as an attempt to ensure a happy time with my Happy Time.

Though most of my mechanical and technical experience before the internet found me was with '60's Ford road racing couples and sedans, I've gained quite a bit of new-tech experience the last three years that I've owned a late model automobile. As for message board forum experience, I now moderate three forums on the popular Ford Focus message board forum, [FJ]focaljet. http://forums.focaljet.com ...it's volunteer work too, so I know what it's like to have to crack the whip at times and for free. :p

You're about to meet some of the coolest, most forward-thinking people you've ever met...give them a proper chance to get to know you and there isn't anything they won't do for you.
Again, copy that. I try to get this message across to users on [FJ]focaljet, another group of forward-thinking motoring enthusiasts, some of whom are awaiting a little more info and pics of my motorized bike build.

Thanks for being here!

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Wow, what a great into, welcome to MBc. Sounds like you'll fit in just fine around here.
Welcome to MBc. thatsdax.com has new clutch levers on the parts page.


boy oh boy, do i ever appreciate appreciation...'nuff sed :)

welcome to the MBc :cool:

Bean Oil

^ ^ ^ Hahaha... my sentiments exactly, sir. You are most welcome. :)~

Scottm, azkronic, Alaskavan, OldPete, iRide Customs, drimpact, mickey and augidog... all familiar names from the reading I've done over the last few days...

Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome and the compliments.
Scottm, thank you for the clutch lever info and I think your avatar is hilarious!