Hard Rock, Hard Box, FireBelly Style

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  1. It was high time for some suspension under the 4 stroke. This is a very comfortable ride. The v brakes on the front improved the braking quite a bit but I have a feeling these Magura hydraulic rim brakes are just what mom would want me use! The new motor mount is a huge improvement over the last which was a huge improvement over the kit mount; super rigid!

    P.S. Changin out drive chain so it's not in the pic.

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  2. Happy Valley

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    Looks good and well made. You'll like the Maguras. I have them on a vintage Proflex full suspension and they are the best thing this side of discs.

    BTW, have I missed something, what's under the cover?
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    whats that thing on the bottom of your muffler?
  4. DetonatorTuning

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    NICE JOB, excellent tensioner treatment. these seem to be one of the constant challenges of execution.

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  6. Hydraulic rim brakes rock!

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    Nice thumper.
  8. Thanks Bender! Update pics w/ brakes on

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