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    Just dropping a line to say boo.. i've been thinking bicycle motor for a while now, and with a new major valley bicycle trail system opening up in my back yard, and too lazy to go it pedals alone, i'm thinking of jumping in and putting my barely used MTB to some work with aid of a motor.

    I've been a long-time motorcyclist, currently riding a sidecar rig. I've also got a Honda CT70 trailbike, but i need something 'stealth' like a MTB with perhaps panniers disguising a rack mount type motor - the cops have no mercy in these parts. At this point, i'm leaning towards the Gebe 35cc R/S solution, it's expensive, but it looks like a straight forward solution.

    I'm sure this site will come in handy in the near future.

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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    Hi Bandit Bill, we are not that far from each other. Now I know of three of us with motorized bikes in Ontario. I know that you don't have a bike yet but I also know that once you spend a few hours here, you will see so many great projects, that you will never stop thinking bikes. I know Hamilton and I know what your talking about with the law and motorized bikes. Going on that trail may also be a bad idea for that reason.
    I used to be so scared that I took my bike out once a week or so but as I got used to it I got to the point where I never go out without the bike. Lindsay is a small town and I stick out big time because of the noise (2 stroke china) but now I drive right past the OPP and local police station almost every day. When they see me, I'm just the "old guy" peddling away and they seem to not notice or leave me alone,I'm not quite sure.
    While your here , don't forget to search out push-trailer,you may be interested.
    Take care and stay away from Barton St......lol
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    welcome bill!
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    Hi cooltoy:

    I've actually had one before - it was a homebrew, junk-day special made from a 1950's french moped (never been able to call it up and find it on the internet in a search since) about 15 years ago .. it was a centerpost mount (meaning you chopped the center tube of the bicycle out and put the motor in it's place with a removable sleeved tube replacement) and it was direct roller drive against the rear wheel - and was it ever a barrel of monkeys for fun. It died, because i didn't realize at the time that decarbonizing 2-smokes reduced compression .. i had a nice clean, but non-running/non compressing motor at that point :rolleyes:

    I had that sucker up to 48 km/h, with a buddy on his Suzuki GS1100 clocking me.. we certainly gave the neighborhood plenty to talk about with that thing.

    I guess i'm trying to relive the past, sort of.

    A trailer/pusher type propulsion setup would be interesting - I've got the spare components from a CT70 (ie rear driven wheel, swingarm, etc) to cobble something together along that line if it came to it, but i'd prefer that the motor be on the bicycle itself, if it's primarily trails i'm going to be using - there is nothing like a powered trailer trying to swap ends with the bike on a steep downhill gradient for pucker factor :shock:

    As you are familiar with the Hamilton region, i'm sure you know of the trail system i speak of - the Redhill Valley network. I just moved into this region from Halton region last year, and i'm itching to explore it in the spring - i tried to do so with the CT70 in the fall, and narrowly avoided getting popped by the cops by pretending to have a break-down (i saw him first, shut off the motor, and pretended not to notice him approach while i was peering at mysterious bits on the minitrail :cool: ) <-- age has it's benefits, if i was 20 years younger, i'm sure i would have been in for a hassle! Once on the trail network, it should be safe - limited access to all but bicycles. I'm aiming for a 4-stroke, and i'll be adding as much baffle as is necessary to stealth the bicycle.

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    Welcome aboard Bandit.
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    Dregging up an old thread or what?

    I'd let the idea of a motor bicycle fall by the wayside for a while, other playtoys took priority in what little time i did have..

    Was wandering about downtown Hamilton and dropped into Tsunami Bikes http://www.tsunamibike.com - they seem to deal in those italian and chinese clone pocket rocket minicycles mostly. Anywho, they had a couple of set up mountain bicycles with a "Happy Time" type 80cc motor. Kit was $150.00 for a basically complete setup. Manual that comes with it has the most hysterical Engrish.. sort of reminds me of early 1960's Japanese motorcycle manuals.. anyway i digress..

    This is gonna be a budget build. Nothing too fancy - I figure that at $150.00 i ain't going to expect the thing to be around TOO long (but you never know) so i've got an older rigid frame Nishiki 26" mountain bike thats done nothing but collect cob-webs for 10+ years, a junker budget fully suspended mountain bike that i can use for the front end and other parts, and i'm off to the races. If i want to get real fancy, i might even use the moped front drum brake laced to the mountain bike rim i had used many years back. All of that, and a few hours time, and i might be off to the trails before winter hits.

    Should be fun.