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    My name is Steve. I have been a serious cyclist for many years. I also love tinkering and have built a couple of motorized bicycles.. one is electric and the other one is gas. I have to admit that I just love them...

    The electric is an aluminum framed 7sp "city bicycle" and has a 750w front brushless hub motor and a 12ah 36v battery. It will do around 25mph unassisted. The gas motor is mounted on a 21sp Chrome Moly Mt. Bike. It is one of the "80cc" kits from Ebay. It is very fun to ride and does a little better than 30mph on the flats.

    I told my wife that the bikes were intended for my 20 mile commute. Unfortunately, I have a smallish (1981 Yamaha XS400 Special) motorcycle which easily does freeway speeds, gets 60mpg and has a windshield which keeps me dry. So I get at least half an hour more sleep and use only a dollars worth of gas each way when I ride the motorcycle. Insurance can't be used for an excuse here in Washington either. Despite what has been written in these forums... in Washington State electric bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles and even my 1941 Cadillac are all exempt from manditory insurance. I eventually had to confess to my wife that the bikes were just for fun. http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/insurance.html
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    Welcome to MBc, Glen.
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    Welcome from Duvall.
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    Welcome from Alabama.... Ummm Kent brings back memories back in 1959 .. 25433 22nd South in Kent