Hello From Portland OR



Hello all,
How sweet is this putting motors on bicycles and ridding around your town is so fun. I got into this by purchasing my first motored bike from a craigslist seller. it was an older MTB with a 49cc motor. well we had so much fun that my room mate, Hutch(also a new member) went out and bought a Schwinn retro cruiser and an "80cc" motor from Powerkings. After helping him build on sweet looking bike I decided that old MTB would make a great "buddy bike." I got online an ordered a Greenline retro cruiser a set of disc compatible 24" triple tube forks and a motor form an ebay seller called boygofast. Now about this time my third room mate Elizabeth(not yet a member) got so tired of us boys carrying one about our bikes that she adopted a "If you can't beet em, join em" attitude and ordered herself a motor also. Her first attempt was on a 63 schwinn speedster. She found out the hard way that despite the name the old speedster was never meant to do 30mph. So we searched and found a good deal on a Raliegh Retro 7. That bike took to that "80cc" motor like it had found its soulmate. Now we did all of this unfortunately without the help of MotoredBikes.com. So in order to make things right I need to build another bike. I found a good deal on a Schwinn retro cruiser and got a motor from dax and am giving them to my Little Sister for Christmas. She really wants a bike and I imagine she will be asking her big brother for help building it. Win Win hee hee hee. Alright I have rambled about bikes plenty long enough. I will try to figure out how to get my pictures on here now. And if any Portland folk read this and want to go for a ride leave some contact info on this thread and Hawthorne won't know what's going on when five or more motored bikes roll by. Thanks to everyone and I look forward to chatting and riding with you all.




I thought I heard something down Portland way. Thought it was the rivers overflowing, mudslides and wind howling but I guess it was just you and your room! room! mates playing with your motors! Welcome!


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Nov 17, 2007
How tolerant are the cops in Portland and Vancouver when it comes to motorized bikes? Thinking of moving next summer.


welcome smyton! longbeach peninsula here! just across river from astoria!