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    Hi all!

    I joined up, after being pointed to this site by Impression! (We've worked together to build up my bike, it's been a learning curve actually, in getting these bikes to run effectively / reliably!

    Anyway, I'm Brad, 22, and from a small suburb west of Sydney, and enjoy using a MotoredBike to get around the various parks/paths this place has to offer!

    Without further ado. I'll show off the bike!

    It is a current work in progress, a "beta" if you will. It's where all my big ideas get born, or go to die!

    It is:
    - 26" Mountain bike frame, with front rhino suspension. Very Dodgy, SIS gears aren't fully operational, not like I pedal much now though. I probably should also upgrade the side pull brakes onboard. Yeah, I'd say the bike in general needs a bit of work, but for A$50 when it was brand new (A cheap bike subway were giving away after getting their vouchers for nothing anyway!). It's seen better days. It's also seen a lot of pedal-mountain-biking before it was mated with the 50cc engine.

    - 50cc engine, it's a second hand kit I bought. Runs very nicely. At this stage, I have a throttle cable to fix when I can get away from my work commitments, and the rains go away. I snapped it last weekend, god knows how. I just need to pull it apart to find out why!

    I think I also need to tighten a few things up, and change both gaskets. Once again, this can all be done when the rains are gone, and I can test the thing! :p

    - Onboard electronics: At the moment, I have a trip computer, and an onboard Ipod Amplifier (Connected up to 2x Kenwood 6" Speakers). It did the job well when I was without a motor. It's ok now, but I'd be happy with something louder, now that I have a motor. The standard bell has also been replaced with a 110dB screamer. There are far too many ignorant people that can't hear a bike bell. Especially over the motor.

    Bear in mind this bike is version 1, It will be as dodgy and nasty as all ****, as I'm always installing/uninstalling bits.
    Version 2 has been on my drawing board for a while, and will feature the following: 70cc engine, Integrated lighting/audio/trip control panel at the handlebars, Custom LED headlamps, indicators, tail/brake lamps, 4 speaker sound system (Ipod connectivity), 12V electrical system (looking into the best way to generate/store this as we speak), USB port for phone/GPS power, QUAD 110dB Screamers (2 at front, 2 at rear), Security Kill Switch (key lock), warning strobe for night riding, and a rear utility box mounted to house the battery / electronics and all my other stuff I might be carrying!

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    Welcome to the forum mate :) Not sure about the "rider" in the pic though, how does 'he/she handle the bike :p

    Like the electronics...im a bit of a computer geek myself, ever thought of building a "car pc" up for use on the bike? can make a pc for under 200 bucks that fits into a enclosure the size of a cd rom ...gps/mp3 player...have a 7 inch touch screen on the handlebars hehehe if your interested can point you int he direction for mobo and cpu combo..bout 100 bucks last time i looked :)

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    I dunno about Mo there, I think she's more keen on the dryer instead (nope she hasn't ridden either!) :p

    I already use a Car PC in my Commodore. On my bike, my Nokia N95 is the "CarPC"! It does GPS/MP3 quite comfortably. It just chews through the battery.

    I guess my biggest problem is generating 12 volts on board (I want to go 12V for the amp on Version 2. I currently use a 6V disposable AA battery pack for sound). I want to run a small 12V SLA battery, and charge it up either by some sort of dynamo/alternator, or by a small solar panel.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply! That carpc option sounds very cheap too! (I payed about 1500 for mine all up).
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    Checkout EBay for ITX motherboards ;-) everything onboard get them from 80 bucks up :) Just ad SD card or thumbdrive for your HDD hookz him up with one of the "free" car pc front end softwarez and your in business...prolly the dearest part is the 12volt PSU think they go for ~100 bucks from JayCar :)

    Lipo might be a good alternative to get your 12 volt power too theres 11.1 and 14.4 packs available...Best of luck anywayz mate :)

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    Good to see you've finally succumbed mate :)

    this place is addictive, i find myself searching through old posts from years ago to find useful information and just to satisfy my curiosity
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    Welcome..another From Down Under

    Hey Ausbradr..welcome from ENO (Novocastrian 3 hours north)..The Aussie membership is growing..Hit on the thread "Aussie Roll Call" so we know how many "bronzers" we have..I have just finished an OCC Stingray Chopper for my son and knowing him you will probably hear him screaming down George Street soon..Great club eh?..will follow your moves..ENO
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    Awesome. I shall post in the roll call now.

    Hopefully these new "bikie gang laws" don't affect us motored bikers riding in groups (if any cruises are organised for Sydneysiders!! :p)
  8. "bikie gang laws"

    was thinking the same thing, if coppers would try it! what a laugh.:whistling:

    gotta be wearing MBc T-shirts though:thinking:.
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    Hey Fullysic..ENO (Oz)..While theyre chasing those guys they might leave us alone..not that they really notice us any way..I posted some Legislation and Laws for NSW in the "Legislation" threads that are good to know so you can quote them to the Boys in Blue because Im sure those young coppers would rather be fighting crime and arresting thugs than picking on us guys just having fun...80cc ? yeah illegal..but that 80cc could just be a 48cc (no markings on the motor as to size or power)...Yes Officer a beauty..48cc and travels at 25 kph..want a spin?..get one for your son..thanks for stopping me and admiring the bike...See ya...ENO
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    Hello and welcome to the site. I am very interested in your audio setup, care to elaborate more?