Hello from the Mtns of Colorado

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by COKruzer, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. COKruzer

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    I spotted one of these motor bikes last weekend on a back road the guy was having too much fun. Now I have a Trek to convert once I go through the learing curve.:grin:

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Mountains of Colorado, eh?

    That's a big chunk of territory. Can you be more specific? Please tell me you live near Angel Fire - it is the most beautiful alpine valley I've seen in a long time.

    This is a great hobby - very few hobbies pay for themselves ever - this one does so economically, physically, quality of life wise, and in satisfaction. Best yet, it does so fairly quickly.
  3. COKruzer

    COKruzer New Member

    Avon is the location right about in the middle of the state.
  4. SimpleSimon

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    Nice place. I've been through there three times in the last 4 years. Last time I came down from Steamboat Springs via Colorado 131 to I-70, then had lunch at the Beaver Creek Resort. I always look for out of the way routes if I have the time and money for the extra gas.
  5. COKruzer

    COKruzer New Member

    You know the area well. I spotted a rider coming off a dirt road and heading north on 131 towards Steamboat. I couldn't figure out what his setup was but knew it was a 2 cycle.
  6. SimpleSimon

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    Colorado has some of the most beautiful scenic drives in the country. August of 2006 I spent two days exploring the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway by car - one of my dreams is to return and spend about 5 days exploring them more thoroughly on a power-assist tadpole trike. Given that most of the roads are gravel, a trike is a much better option than a two-wheeler. Actually, I'd like to spend about 90 days touring Colorado on the back roads, camping most nights. I met a high school shop teacher in Telluide on that trip who was spending his summer break doing just that.

    National parks and national recreation areas cost me nothing to camp at, so I could really enjoy myself doing such a tour. I've built a bike trailer that folds out into a one man tent platform - if I beef it up just a bit it will easily carry a small gas engine generator and camping gear. Biggest issue is keeping my insulin cold, so I'd need a small 12volt refrigerated cooler along with me.

    Maybe one of these days I'll make that trip.
  7. seanhan

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    Angel Fire is in New Mexico.
  8. SimpleSimon

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    You are correct - I misremembered. I came up out of Taos through Angel Fire into southern Colrado.