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  1. (Ian)

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    After much researching into the matter and using vendor reviews from this forum :detective: I decided to purchase a bike/motor kit package through bikeberry.com

    Haven't gotten the package yet, as I just ordered it 15 minutes ago.

    The bike is the 26'' Micargi Mens Rover GX, matte black. The motor kit a Grubee Skyhawk w/ the Angle Fire.

    I'll probably need some help getting it put together, but my boss at work has had some experience with this and I've got plenty of tools available here and I shouldn't have too much difficulty.

    Two potential problems:
    1)Wide upper bike frame, so I might need to drill holes in it to fit the gas tank. (Could also make some custom steel brackets that are bigger than the ones in the kit)

    2) On other sites this bike model (actually maybe not the GX but a similar Rover) had 48 spokes, and the motor kit is for 36. Bikeberry's pictures showed a bike w/ 36 spokes, but the guy on the phone didn't have the bike on site and thus couldn't check it for me.

    I plan on replacing as many nuts and bolts in the kit as I can with heavy duty steel ones at a hardware store because I hear kit parts tend to suck.

    Considering buying a new bike chain (not drive chain) that's heavy duty to reduce the risk of coaster brake failure, and I also intend to install front brakes.

    Anyhoo Hi, glad to be here :cool2:

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    Hi Ian, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome! You will find alot of help here. I did my first build mostly searching and getting answeres to others questions.

    I would suggest going with a bracket set up. I drilled a whole in my bike for my motor and though I have not had problems yet, I wish that I had not done it.
    The vibrations and tension on the frame after adding a motor is a factor.
    This is my humble opinion.
    Hope to see pics when you are done.
  4. (Ian)

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    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I'd like to cut down on vibration as much as possible. Since it wouldn't be hard to make the larger brackets I think I'll opt for that...I'll use a section of inner tubing to reduce it further.

    Some changes with the bike (Which still hasn't arrived yet)
    *Shiny gray, not matte black (They were out and it was my second choice)

    *Also, like an idiot I didn't check the local laws regarding engine restrictions before ordering the engine. Anything over 50cc is considered a motorcycle in my state. So I called bikeberry and paid to have the shipment rerouted and sent as a 48cc. I'd rather have the bike squared away and registered so I won't have to worry about the fez.
  5. Stan4d

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    Gray...Black....Chartruse does not matter as long as you are happy.
    Where do you live? Here in Texas the same applies about the over 50cc. I (like you) found out after my first build. I also found out that outside of the engine looks the same as a 49 cc. Not condoning it, but without a sticker on the motor how would the kind officer know?
  6. (Ian)

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    I'm from Maine. Yeah...I was thinking they might be the same looking. Isn't there some sort of serial number or anything indicating what the specs are? I wasn't sure what goes into getting it registered though, so I figured I'd get the 48cc just to be safe. Might upgrade in time to a 66cc and sell the old engine to a friend once I get used to building and riding these things. There was actually a news special a few days ago about a guy in Maine who's been making and selling MBs for a nice mark-up. Shouldn't be too hard to sell my 48 when I'd like to upgrade.
  7. (Ian)

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    Alright, my engine finally came in! It took a while longer because I had the 66cc sent back and got a 48cc... Then when the 66cc got back to the company they were out of the 48ccs I wanted so I had to wait till they restocked, about another week. Finally it got shipped out and I think the shipping must have been upgraded by bikeberry, or else I'm lucky because it came two days early :-D But since it arrived at my home address and I'm at school I had to wait until today to finally get it. Still haven't opened the box yet but I'll definitely keep posted/write a vendor review ASAP.

    I got the bike frame weeks ago and it looks great :) Took the fenders off just to be safe. Bike is a blueish gray with thick whitewalled tires and red rims. Didn't like the red rims so I painted them flat black w/ rustoleum. Looks really nice now, I've been loving riding it around.
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  8. (Ian)

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    Right so I looked it all over and it's...pretty good. Not sure what to compare other kits too. There were a few small dings around the side of the motor, the part that is ribbed. Nothing serious. There was some discoloration in the gas tank, almost like rust although apparently the tanks are plated to prevent rust. Not sure if that's normal. Also the air filter, the plastic part on the carburetor, was cracked. It's a small fracture and it's still held on securely. I would care more, but I was planning on getting that part replaced by an upgraded filter anyway.

    Oh and I would make a vendor review but I need 30 posts to do that.
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    sounds good. tells us what air filter you get because i have always wanted to upgrade mine.
  10. ncaos

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    I'd love to see some photos. Welcome greetings from chile
  11. Maine - 1.5hp/25mph but can travel only 20mph/ did not state how many cc'ss you could have and i think no registration is needed.

    50cc max is for a moped that has a vin number and is registered.

    But its good to check with your local dmv as im sure you did.
  12. Lazieboy

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    Not Licensed

    I got full coverage Ins. but not licensed.(MN under 50cc is a moped) until required by the popo, or Ins. Co. drops me.(Ins. asked me for title i said its home made no title) Roll it till the wheels fall off.
  13. Lazieboy

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    By the way i got a 66cc Grubee but no logos at all on motor. Its a 49cc now,Wow. I stamped a SS# in the motor block, its a good idea.