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Feb 21, 2008
Been reading this forum for a while, a lot of good advice here. A lot of information is contained in this forum. Thank you all for the information I have already gleaned from these pages. I hope I will succeed in my first build. I will pass on to you all what I learn during my efforts, though the content may pale in comparison. Anyway, onto my brief introduction. In my distant past, as a hobby, I have taken junker cars (most 'free') and have brought them back to life. Through all these efforts, I would like to think I have learned the balance of $$ versus end product. Well, I'm still learning :). I have a 1977 Motobecane 50v Moped given to me which has been ravaged over time by both human and nature. A little bit rusty, no engine, no seat, bent handle bars, seized brakes, slightly bent rims. The frame, fork and shocks are in surprisingly good condition in comparison to the rest. I have deemed that this can be made road-able once again. So here I am. I am looking forward to pleasant exchanges with you all. I will try to log my progress for all to see; perhaps I can add something to this forum.
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Welcome to Mbc. It'll be fun to watch the progress of it comming back to life.