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    I'm new to this, so please ignore my mistakes,there will be a lot of them(It feels like I have two thumbs & use one to try to type with)

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    The more info you can get up early, in this thread, the faster you can get on the road...where are you at?
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    welcome aboard.

    Do you have an MB yet?
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    Hope you don't mind, I'm copying the PM you sent me, posting it HERE, where the 80 cc AND the high altitude folks can see it and help you out (It can be done, just ask Dax !)

    I can't help, not only am I under 3,000 feet, I use the Japanese engines....

    Anyway, folks will pitch in once they read it.


    This is danlandberg

    I'm in about central UT. 5500 ft above sea level.

    Had some trouble with this '80cc" kit at first ( we know there is no such thing as 80cc yet )

    I read some threads on several sites, and used some info. to get this thing usable. It's still not where I would like it to be. It will idle now ,but 4 strokes at W.O.throttle (intermittently) I'M on my 3thrd tank of gas/20:1 now.

    I've had over 7, 2 stroke dirt bikes in my past, and in the mid 80s I had a PUCH moped, That I did some mods to it! (It was the fastest ped I've built, even MOTO-BECAINs)

    Would not Give me a problem.(spelling may be wrong) Anyway I'm looking for some tech. info on these Chinese units, I plan on building an expansion chamber, do some port timing, carb mods. ect. What ever it takes to get more H.P. at a reasonable rpm range. (

    Sorry if I take to much time to keep going on this all the time) I have a 3.5 year old girl that won't give me a moment alone on this puter. (She wants to play her puter games-ON MY puter). I'm looking for engine specs on the RAW "80cc" engine. (bore, Stroke, carb size,ect.) need this input to calculate an expansion chamber!

    Any other input would great!!!
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    It's Dan again (forgot to mention)

    I got this thing to run (usable) by dropping the needle.( 2nd grove from the top) it was set on the 3rd. At high altitude the air is thinner. So you need Moore air to fuel mixture. Because the throttle pulls the slide (air) and needle(fuel) at the same time, Lowering the needle allows more air to fuel mixture with the twist of the throttle. It worked for me. But be careful! To rich is safer than to lean!!! (Heat wise & longevity wise) There is so much Moore I would like to add, but I'll have to try again tomorrow! I hope every-one is safe & has fun!!!!
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    I'm lousy at doing forum searches, but I seem to remember there was a RAW engine MBer in the Colorado Alps (or maybe it was in New Mexico) who did a quick and easy intake adjustment, said he upped performance by 50%.

    Doing a good 100-150 mile break-in and getting the right octane/good gas, is very very critical up in them thar hills.
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    I read on a thread some where that reg gas is just as good if not better than prem. But for the pipe or expan. chamber the right ex. temp. plays a big role in performance!
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    If I could get 50% more out of this thing I would be a bit happier. I was told by a chemist that a 50/50 (reg./prem.) does raise octane a bit. Don't know if that is what we need? I'm going to look around tonight to see if I can spects on this thing! Happy riding