help installing lawnmower engine on bicycle

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by shredmaster101, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Hi. I have never built one before, and this is going to be my first one (of course i am going to buy the motor first so i can find a bike frame that will fit). I was watching some videos on youtube, and all the motorized bikes using kit parts come off as slow and lame to me. The coolest sounding and fasting looking one i found was this Apparently he is using a lawn mower engine, which is getting 160 cc as opposed to standard bike kits which usually have 80. I am looking to put a lawn mower engine on a bike, but since the parts are not coming in a pre-made kit i have no idea where to start. Any help?

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    Hi. There is a member here who installed a lawnmower engine on his bike. Forgot his name, but hopefully he'll drop in.

    FWIW, one way of leaping off the start is with a small engine with a shift kit or NuVinci hub.:idea:

    Every time I carry my bike I'm glad I don't have a big motor or twin Mitsubishi engines(anymore).
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    Check the 4cycle engine forum to see if you can find some mower engine projects.
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    Google "Retmachinist" on the internet. He has a youtube video, was a member here, now lurks at another MB forum.:idea: