Help Needed. New to Whizzers, so far only have an engine

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    Hi there

    This is my first post (great site/forum btw)

    I picked up a whizzer engine recently and my intention is to find the correct period bike to go with it but I'm having difficulty identifying the model of engine. From what i've read and seen i believe it a model H engine. The cylinder head is marked "2204 H4" and the crank case where i was expecting to see an H before the number looks more like this "T (up & down slash) M" and underneath that " - 8709"
    The head is odd as well. The hole for the plug is at an angle and the inner round part has no threads, the part actually thats round is very shallow, if it were threaded it's only be 2 o3 3 threads but there is a 6 sided depression that would correspond to the plug, it almost looks like you'd insert the plug into the depression & some other method like a strap attached to the 2 nearest head bolts would hold it down.

    Does anyone have any insight ?

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    post some pics and someone will be able to identify it.
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    It's an early Model H. If you look very carefully you should be able to decipher an H in front of the " - 8709". The serial number should be "H-8709". The T/M mark is just a timing mark reference. The sparkplug insert that is cast into the head has been torn out and the head also has a broken fin. Throw the head way and get a used replacement, which is a common readily available part.
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    thanks for clearing that up, is there any significance to the cylinder marking denoted as W4 ? Any photos I'd found on google images previously all showed W2
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    I've got a model H cylinder in my hand that has a 2204 W7 on it so they probably had many versions of it. If you have any doubt about it, just take a picture of the cylinder from the right side, post it, and we'll nail it down for you. The Model H cylinder is very distinctive compared to the later Model J, 300, 500, 700 cylinders.