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  1. ak47bulldog

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    I am going to start a new build but have a few questions and would appriciate any help. I was going to buy a bike but I was told by a friend that I can only stick a motor on certain cruiser style bikes because he said I cant put it on a bike with a coaster brake because it wont work. any cheap bike suggestions??? I dont want to spend any more than $150. I only want to buy new unless i can find a used stretched out beach cruiser. because of location I can only order bikes, or order them and have them sent to store such as walmart. I live in cincinnati ohio. By the way I have a 2 stroke 70cc from dax. I found a schwinn landmark cruiser at walmart for $139. It is a 7 speed handbrake. will that cause problems? good bike?

  2. Lazieboy

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    It'll be fine

    That is similar to the style of my next project bike and it is gonna be easier than my Lazie cruiser that has a coaster brake. took a long time to get it worked out. My cruiser is quite heavy. quality made check it out:cool:


    Your friend is WRONG! I have to date built 6 bikes and all but one are coaster brake bikes. A nice and inexpensive bike is the Huffy Cranbrook sold at Wally world for less than 90 bucks! This is also one of the bikes I have built.
    You have to mod the engine mounts a bit (Due to a large front tube and wide "V") and I also added a front brake and custom exhaust.

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  4. motorpsycho

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    ha...wrong! my bike is a 20" schwinn stingray /lowrider with ONLY a coaster brake.
    I'm using a 50 c.c. 2 stroke in the frame.
  5. ak47bulldog

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    thanks to you all so far. I actualy ordered a cranbrook at walmart and got it but it was messed up bad from shipping or at the factory so I am kind of leaning away from huffy in general but is the coaster brake the easiest one to work with? Do you think the schwinn I mentioned would be a good choice? any suggestions on a bike with little to no moding? I also noticed a little arm thing going from the frame to the wheel that looked like it might have gotten in the way but again i am new to all of this. I need an idiot proof bike, because again not very knowledgeable about this. Also should i rinse the tank and motor out with mixed fuel b4 install?
  6. gothicguy64

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    i just did a search online and

    have micargi beach cruiser at $130-170 US go look

    brad :detective:
  7. motorpsycho

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    the "little arm thing" is the coaster brake arm. without it, the brakes will not work.
    it might be close to the bolts holding the rear sprocket to the wheel so it may require you to bend it slightly for clearance.
  8. darwin

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    If your going to use a coaster brake I would add a front brake to it for stopping power, coaster brakes dont do to well going 30 mph.
  9. ut1205

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    Landmark Cruiser

    I have the Landmark from Walmart and have been very happy with it. It was $119.00 when I purchased last year. "New Out of the Box" was a basket case. Had to adjust everything on it but with that done it has been very reliable.

    The only "down side" is that it is a heavy bike. With the Staton Friction drive and a R/S motor mine weighs 68# wet.

    Based on pictures I have seen in this and other forums you seem to be able to mount just about any "kit" on it.

    You will find the same bike with different names depending on where you purchase it. I was trying to find a used "Cruiser" on Craig's Lists but either people don't buy them or if they do, they never sell them.
  10. gothicguy64

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    here is my personal choice from moir 170 bux tho
    good 2 sets of v brakes
    7 gears
    an as u can tell fits motors

    brad sydney oz :detective:
  11. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I have never had a problem stopping with only the coaster brake.
    yes, my bike goes about 30 mph.
    but adding a front brake is a good idea.
    i can't add a front brake to my bike without rigging up some kind of goofy bracket due to the lowrider springer forks.
  12. Lazieboy

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    Ya, I'd need to weld a bracket for mounting front or rear hand brakes. And might do sometime.:
  13. Ghost0

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    I would recommend the Landmark or Point Beach. They have gears, good brakes etc.
  14. JTinFL

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    My first build was a Huffy Cranbrook with Skyh6awk GT5 Slant Head 66cc.Makes a nice ride,very few mods.Added front v brake,no mods.Second build was Huffy 6 speed Classic Beach Edition with Skyhawk GT2b Slant Head 48cc.Starting on third.Huffy Pro Beach Classic 6 speed with 48cc and shift kit.The Huffys are strong,well made bikes at a very reasonable price.
  15. BAM

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    i bought huffy cranbrook 82 dollars well over 1000 miles on it now fenders fell off but strong bike for the money though i would get my feet wet with cheap one first now iam hooked not going to take cranbrook apart just build something eles coaster brake will bite you if arent carefull went down hard on lose gravel luckly my face took most of the damage but always puts a smile on my face good luck with yours
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    For your price range Schwinn or Micargi are decent bikes. I'm on a cheap Schwinn Del Mar and it has held up but I've changed to double walled rims, new fenders, new front rear hubs. Coaster brake is no problem but everyone will suggest to improve your braking with a front brake or front/rear caliper brakes. I am using a front hub brake. If you can spend a little more, Felt or Nirve are good bikes. I would love to do a Felt build but they range from $300 to $800 in price. Don't use aluminum frames is a rule of thumb I've read on this forum, which makes sense.
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