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    I got in my first engine - Power King "80cc", 2-stroke, see fotos on my homepage (below).

    I noticed right away that it won't fit in the new bicycle frame that I have. The front tube is too large in diameter ... and there isn't enough room inside the frame to attach the carburetor.

    I have an old Peugeot bike ... but there are problems with pedal clearance of the case. I did a search on pedal clearance ... and the answer is to find some that flare out. The ones now on the bike seem to to curl inward. Or do like someone else did and take the engine with me to go looking at prospective used bicycles ...

    - Freth:shock:


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    Dothan, Al...Greetings! I got my MBA from TSU-Dothan and spent a total of 9 years of my short life 30 minute drive from Dothan (Mother Rucker).

    You have several options for the front tube:

    1. Drill hole through frame and use the front mount kit that should have come with your kit.

    2. livefastmotors.com has a nice front mount kit for oversized frames that requires no drilling. Its listed in his parts and accessories page.

    Again, welcome to the forum and good luck with your install!