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  1. adrianmark

    adrianmark New Member

    I'm a Brit, currently living in Beijing and I have been running around on an electric moped for 2 years now.

    This forum looks great and I am absolutely convinced that this form of transportation is the future.

    Happy riding.

  2. mark2yahu

    mark2yahu Member

    Welcome :)

    Can we see what your ride looks like? I'm curious, because the battery technology is still pretty cr***y & the lithium polymers cost a fortune.
  3. adrianmark

    adrianmark New Member

    My moped

    Hi Mark

    Pic as requested.

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  4. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Welcome to the forum!

    Sleek looking scooter in the pic. Is that a rear hub drive and does it pedal?
  5. mark2yahu

    mark2yahu Member

    I see the pedals :) Mopeds have changed, that's for sure!