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    Nice website. I can't believe didn't join sooner. I'm on my second Staton friction drive. So I've been at this for 4-5 years. Started out with a 1.1hp on a tandem. Underpowered but a real trooper. Now I'm up to the 1.6

    I live in Wisconsin. And I'd really like to put together a system that could haul me and my stuff on an adventure.


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    Welcome to the forum. Post pics when you can.
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    hi Bill -- welcome

    I also have a Staton friction

    how many miles do you think that you have on that MB THING now ?

    have fun -- be safe -- as you -- ride that THING
  4. Bill555

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    Here are the pics.

    I've had the robin/subaru 1.6 hp since last spring. I like it compared to the 1.1 HP It goes into wind a lot better. On the old 1.1 hp motor I probably put on 5-6 thousand miles. I rode it a lot. All I ever put into it was $12 for another set of bearings. After a while it didn't idle and had no power. I think all that the engine would have needed was a new piston ring. Everything else looked good.

    Picture notes:
    The rear pedals are cut off
    and there is a board for your passengers feet
    Notice the gas can sticking out the back. I only take this along on big trips
    My bike can also run on Mountain Dew :cool:
    I don't have a rear rack. I just tie on a piece of wood. I suppose I should take the time to just drill through the aluminum on the friction drive so it just bolts on with a couple bolts.
    I have all kinds of bags on it. Because I'm on vacation.

    You have to be real careful to make sure this thing is secure on your vehicle. 15 lbs way out there has a lot of leverage. Using a wimpy trunk rack, I've almost lost this thing on the freeway.

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  5. Mountainman

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    that's a cool set up you got going on there Bill

    sounds like that little Robin has given you your moneys worth

    you memtioned bearnings going out -- ones in the rack unit I assume ?

    just looking at your MB makes me want to go and take a ride
    my Robin is just as addicting as my Harley's in the past were

    must be that two wheel with a motor THING