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    I'm contemplating an electric build. Hope to make it interesting. It's full of limitations because I live in California. Hope I can find some good advice here. Anyway, about your forum rules, that last one, no politics, no religion. It reminded me of a funny joke, so, here goes. A guy walks into a bar and the place is empty. He goes up to the bartender, orders himself a drink, and asks him "What do you think about those candidates in the primary?" The bartender responds, "I'm sorry sir, but we don't allow people to talk politics in this bar. It leads to too many heated discussions and controversy." The patron then orders another drink and asks the bartender "What do you think about that visit from the pope?" The bartender responds "I'm sorry sir, we don't allow the discussion of religion either. I'm sure you understand." He orders another drink and asks him if he caught the game last night. The bartender responds "Sir, with two rival teams in this city, discussing sports has lead to fights, so we don't talk sports here either." After he pays his tab, he says " You won't talk about politics, religion, or sports, can I talk about sex?" The bartender smiles and says "Sure!" The patron responds "F**K YOU!", and walks out.:grin5:

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    G'day Bob & welcome to MBc.